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Instantly Connect to Customers With WhatsApp

Get x10 better CTR with WhatsApp

Give your customers more options to connect with your brand. With open rates at nearly 90% and click-through rates at nearly 30%, you can be sure that your message will be seen, and even more likely, clicked. Start using automated messages in WhatsApp and keep your customers in the loop with:

✔ Order Confirmation
✔ Shipping Confirmation
✔ Order Follow Up
✔ Abandoned Cart Recovery

High Engagement with WhatsApp Instant Messaging

WhatsApp has a whopping 1.5 billion daily users. As a platform your customers already know and love, they’ll be more engaged with communication sent via WhatsApp. Provide your customers with real-time updates and start leveraging WhatsApp to increase your revenue.

Discover how to connect with your customers on an even deeper level with WhatsApp.

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