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Add products into your emails
with a click

Omnisend's Product Listing helps you add products into your emails right from your store, without the need to manually copy-paste anything.
Full access. No credit card required.

Import products right from your store

No need to fiddle around with images, prices, titles, and product URLs. With Omnisend’s Product Listing, you’re redirected to your store where you simply click and select the products you want to use in your email, and we auto-sync all the details. You can then adjust and customize the style, colors, copy, and all other elements of the product block.

Build your newsletter in minutes

Omnisend makes it easy to build shoppable emails that make people act. After you’ve added your products, you can also drag & drop dynamic discount codes and easily customize the overall look of your email with our no-code Content Editor.

Email marketing for ecommerce

Drive sales impact with easy-to-build newsletters and automated emails by Omnisend.

Drive more sales with easy-to-build emails
Discover how Omnisend’s ecommerce-focused email marketing features can help you drive more sales.
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