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Gain clarity on how to drive real impact

Customer Intelligence combines analytics, insights and segmentation to help ecommerce marketers uncover high-impact targeting opportunities based on data.
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Power your conversions
with Customer Intelligence

High-impact marketing is data-driven. Omnisend is building Customer Intelligence to connect the two - and help you get the most out of our all-in-one marketing platform.
  • Unified Customer Data

    Omnisend unifies and analyzes your first-party customer data, including their behavioral and transactional activity.

    Contact Profiles

  • Customer Intelligence

    Assisted by AI, Omnisend translates your customer data into actionable segments and visual dashboards to guide you towards the highest-impact engagement & conversion tactics.

    Customer Lifecycle Stages
    Retention Analytics
    Product Analytics (coming soon)
    Funnels (coming soon)

  • Engagement & Conversion

    Omnisend provides you with robust, ecommerce-focused omnichannel marketing capabilities to effectively drive customer engagement and sales, all while using the same platform.

    Audience Sync for Ads

Built for ecommerce marketers:

  • Who are time-conscious

    You don’t have the time to go through multiple analytics tools or dashboards in order to build highly-converting customer segments.

  • Who want to get smarter with segmentation

    You’re either starting out with personalization or already want to level it up - in the smartest, most impactful way.

  • Who are ready to give retention more focus

    You want to set up dedicated marketing tactics not just to acquire, but also to retain and engage your customers for sustainable growth.

Go from lost-in-data
to data-driven

Think of Omnisend’s Customer Intelligence as your new teammate who’s got all the answers about the highest-impact ways to optimize your ecommerce business for growth.

  • Know your customers better
    81% of consumers want brands to get to know them so they can receive more timely and relevant communications. With a new level of clarity and customer insights, it's your turn to be that brand.
  • Improve customer loyalty
    Preventing customer churn and leaky funnels isn't rocket science with Omnisend. Our AI-driven lifecycle stages help you spot, segment and retain up to 23% more repeat customers.
  • Get to results faster
    Prioritize the tactics - and customers - who are really going to drive bottom-line value. Save countless hours in trying to crunch and make sense of your customer data.
Put your customer data to work
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Customer Intelligence tools are free. No credit card required.