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Effective customer targeting made easy

Customer intelligence combines analytics, insights, and segmentation to help ecommerce marketers like you uncover high-impact, targeting opportunities based on data.
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Variety of reports free of charge

By design, we’ve created insightful yet effortless reports that uncover targeting opportunities with the highest impact for your ecommerce business. Deep dive into customer segments to understand their engagement with your brand and performance insights on your products.

Actionable reports to maximize performance

And by ‘actionable’, we mean just that! Omnisend’s powerful algorithms identify customer segments based on buying preferences and engagement history. With one click, generate targeted segment lists and receive relevant tips to improve your metrics.

Out-of-the-box generated insights that save time

  • Get to know your customers better
    Send timely and relevant communications that delight your customers. Catch the ones about to churn, the ones who need more nurturing and those who need a little extra encouragement to return.
  • Discover high-potential marketing opportunities
    Intuitive visual reports that guide you towards impactful marketing opportunities. Our reports help you spot, segment and retain up to 23% more repeat customers.
  • Get results, faster!
    Prioritize the customers - and tactics - that are going to drive your bottom-line value. We’ve got you covered by automatically generating insights and targeted segments, which means you can ditch the spreadsheets!

All-in-one ecommerce platform to engage and convert

Customer Intelligence tools are deeply integrated with Omnisend’s multichannel marketing capabilities. Employ data insights and automatically generated segments into emails, automations and SMS with one click. Omnisend’s Customer Intelligence tools are free, so no extra costs for additional contacts, orders or reports.

Built for ecommerce marketers who are:

  • Time-conscious

    You don’t have the time to go through multiple analytics tools or dashboards in order to build highly-converting customer segments.

  • Wanting to get smarter with segmentation

    You’re either starting out with personalization or ready to level it up - in the smartest, most impactful way.

  • Ready to give retention more focus

    You want to set up dedicated marketing tactics to not only acquire but retain and engage your customers for sustainable growth.

Getting data-driven doesn't cost with Omnisend
Connect your store and get actionable Customer Intelligence insights in minutes. No card required.