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Product Analytics

From product data to smart promotion

Easily capitalize on sales opportunities by uncovering customers' product preferences. Identify power products for each segment and create laser-targeted product promotions.
Connect your store and get actionable product insights in minutes. No card required.
Product Profiles

Spotlight the best product-customer fit

Built-in product profiles guide you to guaranteed product-segment matches and provide customer segment lists that can be employed in a click. Then you can boost your sales by promoting products that you know customers will love.
Product recommendations

Spot which products have the biggest potential to be sold

Gain an understanding of which products have the biggest potential to be bought by your customers. Omnisend identifies your Top 10 products for the last 30 days. Add some extra visibility to the most popular products and watch your sales grow.
Abandoned Products

Be aware of products that stay in the carts

Find out which products get abandoned the most in the shopping cart rather than reaching your shoppers. Don't leave money on the table—try improving the checkout experience or retargeting these users with special offers instead.
First-Time Purchase

Identify the power products that bring you clients

See which products work the charm when it comes to converting window shoppers into first-time customers. Omnisend highlights the products that your customers chose most as their first purchase, so you can showcase them in extra marketing activities and grow your revenue.

Learn which products are top drivers for retaining your shoppers

Uncover products that are most popular for repeat purchases. Omnisend shows the products that are bought during 2nd, 3rd, and further shopping sessions. Use these insights for your retargeting and retention campaigns and boost shopper LTV.
Attributed Orders Coming Soon

Identify your best-performing channels

Discover the best product-channel match starting with Omnisend marketing activities. Some products could convert better via newsletter, while others grab your users via SMS. Be ahead of the competition by employing the right channels.

Segment smarter with Customer Intelligence

No more spreadsheets and complex data-matching.
Use Omnisend's FREE Customer Intelligence tools for data-driven customer segmentation and convert more customers with relevant messaging.

  • Prevent shoppers from churning, cherish your best customers and find more valuable customers using lifecycle-based segmentation.
  • Product Analytics
    Identify power products for specific customers segments and create laser-targeted product promotions.
  • Segment your customers based on the funnel stage they dropped off before completing a purchase and improve your conversions.
14-day free trial. No credit card required.
Bring your products to their potential with automated analysis.
Connect your store today and start driving more impact with your marketing.
Customer Intelligence tools are free. No credit card required.