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Complete customer data in a single view

Contact profiles unify, organize and enrich your contact data, allowing you to personalize your messaging based on the full picture.
Connect your store and use for free. No credit card required.

Get to really know your customers

Omnisend combines site tracking, behavioral and transactional data to provide you with a detailed profile for each of your ecommerce customers. You can use this real-time information to build segments, personalize your campaigns and trigger different types of automations to improve your conversions with better targeting.

Manage your email and SMS contacts

Unlike most marketing platforms, Omnisend’s unique contact identification uses an email address or a phone number to identify and store your individual contacts. That means more flexibility for you–you can use Omnisend’s CRM and marketing features for email, SMS or both channel subscribers without having to switch between multiple tools.

Connect multiple
data sources

Besides the activity and events captured by Omnisend, contact profiles integrate and store information from:
  • Ecommerce platforms

    We sync real-time order data from Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and API integrations.

  • 3rd party integrations

    We sync contact tags that you’re using in other ecommerce apps that we integrate with.

  • Your previous marketing tools

    Our Mailchimp import tool automatically syncs your previously used contact tags and segments into Omnisend. If you’ve used a different marketing tool, you can also sync and map your contact tags during a list import.

Contact profiles for ecommerce CRM

A holistic view into all key customer data points and interactions with your store.

  • Contact Details
    Full contact details synced from your ecommerce store or collected through forms.
  • Consent Details
    Detailed consent information for all the channels the contact is subscribed to.
  • Lifecycle stage
    Current lifecycle stage of the contact, defined by their value and shopping recency.
  • Segments & Tags
    All saved segments and contact tags created in Omnisend, synced from your ecommerce platform or 3rd party integrations.
  • Behavioral data
    Complete contact activity, order and product engagement history.
  • Predictive Analytics
    Predictive customer lifetime value and comparative shopping frequency information.
Organize & unify your ecommerce contact data with Omnisend
Connect your store and use for free. No credit card required.