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Gamify your email capture with a wheel of fortune

Make your signup forms fun

Your store visitors have probably seen quite a lot. Give them something fun and interesting that lets them remember your brand. The Wheel of Fortune is an interactive wheel that gives your visitors a prize in exchange for their email addresses. All they have to do is enter their emails then they get a chance to spin the wheel to get a discount, free shipping, or whatever else you’d like to offer.

Entertain, connect, sell

The Wheel of Fortune interactive signup form allows you to entertain your visitors on your site. After they’ve spun the wheel and received their prize, they can then apply the discount to their purchases. This is a strong motivation for them to stay on your page, browse your products and buy from you.

Show it at the best times

You can make sure your Wheel of Fortune only shows up when your visitors will benefit the most from it. That means you can have it appear on one specific product page, when the visitor is about to leave your store, or only for a certain group.

Discover how you can boost your subscriber list with our interactive Wheel of Fortune.

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