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Actionable insights
to drive more sales

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Keep improving your performance with Omnisend’s actionable marketing reports.
Inform your decision-making & strategy with comprehensive campaign and automation metrics that you can easily read, filter and share. Make use of your data and drive more sales.

Keep tabs on your ROI with spot-on sales tracking

Using cookieless tracking, Omnisend is able to provide a cross-channel, cross-device revenue attribution so that no sales get lost in the multi-channel customer journey. You can compare real-time revenue generated from your campaigns and automations directly in your Dashboard. For a more informed-view of how you're doing, jump to our Advanced Reporting and analyze aggregate performance data across a variety of key metrics, channels and activities.

Instantly identify what’s working best

With our Advanced Reporting, you can easily see which campaigns and automation workflows are driving you the most sales, highest-value purchases and highest engagement rates. After pinpointing the which - you can then move to comprehensive stand-alone reports and figure out the why - was it an experiment with your subject line or some killer content that you included? Campaign & automation reports have all the metrics you need and allow you to go as deep as identifying who were the converting customers.

Get an omnichannel
of your activity

How many more sales are emails driving, compared to SMS? Has the CTR of your SMS increased over time and how does it look compared to email engagement? How did different channels perform across your workflow series? You have the right questions, we’re here to give you the answers. Use our Advanced Reporting to slice and dice performance data across all your channels. Comprehensive, channel-level stats are also available for each of your omnichannel workflows so you can constantly refine your strategy.

Gain real-time insights

Keen to peek into your store visitors’ (anonymous and subscribed) real-time activity? Use our Live View tab to keep an eye on which products are being viewed, added or removed from cart, purchased and more - new data is refreshed and added every 5 seconds. Having a comprehensive & readily available view of your site events will help you plan your product, browse, and cart abandonment automation strategies to reactivate the undecided shoppers & boost your bottom-line.

Get to really know your customers

Omnisend combines site tracking, behavioral and transactional data to provide ecommerce merchants with a unified, single-customer view on each of your contacts. An in-depth understanding of your customers makes it easier to observe their journey, spot trends, and generate new, data-based insights. This valuable information can then be used for segmentation, so you can tailor your campaigns & automations to be more personalized and relevant.

Track how you’re doing with our Dashboard & Reports

  • Cookieless Tracking
    Keep accurate track of how much revenue your campaigns & workflows are driving across multiple devices & channels.
  • Comprehensive Reports
    Opens, clicks, unsubscribes, revenue figures and more - we’ve got all the KPIs you need to track & improve each campaign & workflow.
  • Custom Attribution Window
    Set the attribution to represent your strategy & needs - the order attribution window is fully customizable.
  • Audience Growth Trends
    Monitor & compare how your email & SMS lists are changing directly in your dashboard.
  • Form Reports
    See which forms are getting you the most contacts and which ones still need some tweaks.
  • Live View
    Readily available web tracking data so you can understand your visitors' behavior and take actions to keep them engaged.

See the whole picture
with Advanced Reporting

Get a bird's eye view of aggregated performance metrics and the flexibility to break them apart - available for Pro & Enterprise plan users.

All KPIs in One Place

Every marketer’s favorite kind of reporting - all the KPIs you need to keep track of, in a single view, readily available to filter & act on.

Channel-Level View

Compare and contrast email , SMS and other channels' performance across a variety of key metrics to optimize your omnichannel strategy.

Best Performers, Listed Down

See which campaigns & workflows are adding most to your bottom-line and which segments show best engagement.

Understand & make use of your data
Learn how actionable, comprehensive reports can help you perfect your strategies & drive more revenue.