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Ecommere Benchmarks

Benchmark to similar brands in a click

Use Benchmarks to compare your performance to similar ecommerce brands. Drill into performance KPIs and grade your business out-of-the-box.
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Take opportunities
to maximize your KPIs

Bring more transparency to your marketing performance with Benchmarks. Maybe there are specific performance metrics that need a little extra attention? Work on them and generate an additional boost to your revenue growth. With Omnisend you can drill into:
  • Retention Benchmarks

  • Campaign Benchmarks

  • Automation Benchmarks

  • Cart abandonment Benchmarks

  • Newsletter signup Benchmarks

Omnisend ecommerce Benchmarks for
2021 March - April

More detailed Benchmarks are available for your brand that compares to business just like yours when connecting your store to Omnisend.

  • average customer retention rate
  • average cart abandonment rate
  • average subscriber rate

Benchmark reports tailored
to your ecommerce store

Forget one-size-fits-all ecommerce Benchmarks and the tedious hours spent finding them. Omnisend Benchmarks are generated in a click and compare the same industry ecommerce business performance.

  • Compare to businesses just like yours
    Omnisend grades your brand’s performance against a number of similar ecommerce brands in your specific industry.
  • Benchmark marketing performance metrics
    Omnisend provides Benchmarks for specific performance KPIs as well as key business areas. This gives you a full picture of how your business and marketing KPIs stack up against similar brands.
  • Be confident
    Built natively into Omnisend, Benchmarks update every 30 days, taking into account industry and other factors.

Improve overarching business goals with Benchmarks

By comparing your business performance to similar brands in the industry, identify where you're excelling, and where your growth opportunities are. Whether it would be retention, campaign performance, or cart abandonment. Work on those areas to catch up with and eventually surpass your competition.
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Compare against similar brands and maximize your metrics with Omnisend
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