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Target Visitors with Always Relevant Messaging

Send the right messages to the right people

Omnisend helps you create powerful segments that allow you to send the right messages to the right people. Segmentation can lead to higher open and click rates and much better sales. This is because you’re sending a targeted message to a smaller group of people--people who’ve shown interest in a particular product or are in need of a little more attention from you.

Create flexible segments

When you create segments of your subscribers, you can use shopping behavior and other criteria. Target only customers that have not just placed orders from you, but also those that opened and clicked on your campaigns. You can drill down even further by identifying those that bought a specific product or even used a discount code. Besides that, you can also target subscribers by their demographic data or where they signed up. Using these kinds of rules, you can create highly-targeted segments for much better conversions.

Custom data for better personalization

Use custom data to personalize your emails and segment your subscribers even more. Add any data you think might be relevant to your customer profile for targeting your customers better-their sizes, loyalty programme status or anything else. Benefit from highly personalized messages that are tailored for your customers.

Discover how you can boost your sales with powerful segmentation based on shopping behavior and other data.

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