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30% off your first 3 months

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2 automations (a $500 value)

5 custom segments (a $350 value)

We’ll reproduce up to five custom segments for you based on your current Klaviyo setup. They can be as general as “Find me the most engaged shoppers in the past 30 days that spent at least $250” or super specific like: “Find me all shoppers who viewed this specific product page, are from the UK and are female.” Better segmentation leads to better targeting and more relevant messages, which brings in more sales.

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2 signup forms (a $150 value)

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What happens next?
Omnisend has incredible customer service. You can tell that they want to see their customers succeed, improve, and grow as a business, and I think that is awesome. I’d say that’s where Omnisend goes above and beyond. You’re always focusing on helping customers and improving your product. From that standpoint, Omnisend is the industry leader.

Caely Lybeck from Black Halo

After switching from Klaviyo