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We are the (slightly more than) 100 people developing a very handy online product for millions of other people around the globe. We'd like you to become one of us!
We want more
Omnisend was born here in Vilnius, yet we are now much better known in markets as far away as the USA and Asia. We’re pretty proud of that! But still, we want more.
How we develop our product
We strongly believe in self-sufficiency and constantly building from the ground up. That’s how we created our company without any outside aid, and that's how we continue to develop our product.
We believe in being the best
We want to have the best omnichannel marketing tool on the market (we’re already well on our way towards that goal), and we know that in order to achieve this, we need to attract the best talent. Hopefully, that’s where you come in!

We are actively
hiring seniors

Senior developers, senior data engineers, senior quality assurance specialists, senior product managers, senior product marketing managers, you name it. We value talent, experience and curiosity. By the way, we’ve got many talented seniors already, so we know very well how to make their work lives great.

Here's something else
you need to know about us:

We believe
in data
We believe in
speed and agility
We believe in autonomy
and experiments

Also, here's what your future colleagues, senior developers at Omnisend, have to say:

I like that we are very client-oriented. Our clients are the ones providing data on what works and what doesn't work for them. We base all of the development on that data.
Arūnas, Senior Backend Engineer
There are ACTUAL principles of agility. It's not a buzzword here, which is the case in many other companies nowadays.
Edvinas, VP of Engineering

Join us,
and let's be great together!