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Email Marketing Automation for PrestaShop

Omnisend’s PrestaShop module will deliver better sales with a higher ROI on multiple channels.

Easy-install email marketing automation for PrestaShop

Omnisend is the all-in-one email marketing automation platform that will allow you to boost your sales on multiple channels. Simply download the Omnisend Email Marketing Automation Module for PrestaShop and install it in no time. Soon, you’ll be setting up our high-converting popups, building beautiful newsletters and using powerful automation workflows to connect with your customers.

Trusted by 40,000+ marketers in 130+ countries

Powerful Email Marketing Automation

Omnisend’s email marketing automation platform allows you to collect valuable data about your customer’s shopping behavior and use it for better personalization and segmentation to bring you more sales and higher revenue. Set up your automation workflows in no time, so you can be sure to send the right message to your customers at the right time. Automated workflows allow you to earn more sales by doing less - just set it up once and give your new and old customers exactly what they want.

Recover more abandoned carts and 22x your sales

With Omnisend’s PrestaShop module, you can now track those visitors that have abandoned their carts and automatically send them reminder emails to help them finish the purchase. With our Cart Recovery emails, you can get up to 22x more orders than with regular bulk email campaigns. Even better, the new Browse Abandonment and Product Abandonment automation workflows allow you to capture even more incomplete purchases.

Capture your visitors the first time

Collect your subscribers from the first time they visit your store with our flexible signup forms—Popups, Signup Boxes, Landing Pages, and interactive, fun Wheel of Fortune. Omnisend’s PrestaShop module allows you to change the timing and targeting so you can capture more visitors

Track, adapt and grow with our detailed reports

Dive deep into your campaign and automation results with our detailed reports. These not only allow you to see the amount of opens and clicks, but also the amount of sales you’ve earned. That way, you can begin to really test different ideas to see which strategies lead to the highest growth.

Ready to sell more with our deep Prestashop integration?