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Real omnichannel marketing with flexible pricing based on your list size and needs.

How many contacts do you have?
Start with easy-to-build email campaigns

Custom pricing

2,000 emails / day
15,000 emails / mo
Custom sending limits

Email Campaigns

Signup Forms, Boxes & Pop Ups


Step up to automate your emails & start SMS marketing

Custom pricing

15,000 emails / mo
Custom sending limits
Everything in FREE, plus:

SMS Campaigns & Automation

Email Automation

Audience Segmentation

24/7 Email & Chat Support

Unlock the power of omnichannel marketing with free SMS and more channels

Custom pricing

15,000 emails / mo
Custom sending limits

Free SMS credits included for the price of your monthly (or yearly) plan.

$99 in free SMS credits / mo
Free SMS credits
Everything in STANDARD, plus:

Push Notifications

Facebook Custom Audiences

Google Customer Match

Priority Support

Advanced Reporting

Benefit from enterprise-grade customization:

Custom pricing

Unlimited emails / mo
Custom sending limits

Free SMS credits included for the price of your monthly (or yearly) plan.

Free SMS credits
Free SMS credits
Everything in PRO, plus:

Facebook Messenger

Email Account Migration

Dedicated Account Manager

Deliverability Support

Custom IP Address

SMS Pricing
Get SMS credits based on your estimated monthly sending needs and never worry about running out. SMS credit subscriptions start at $20/month. Price per SMS varies by recipient country:
SMS price

Price estimate for your SMS sending volumes.

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Easily design, target and send personalized emails.


Email sending limits. Fair use policy on Enterprise plan - 60x List.

Email Sends per Month
12x List
15x List

Reach your customers directly in their phones wherever they are with text messages.


Free SMS credits equal to the price of your monthly (yearly) plan

FREE SMS Credits

Collect web push notification signups and immediately engage with your audience

Push Notifications

Sync your segments with Facebook Custom Audiences, retarget your audiences across Facebook & Instagram and expand your reach by creating Lookalikes.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Sync your segments with Google Customer Match and continue engaging with this audience across Google Search, Shopping, Gmail and Youtube.

Google Customer Match

Connect Facebook Messenger and start sending automated messages to your customers throughout the customer journey.


Marketing Automation

Create automated email workflows for cart abandonment, order & shipping confirmation, welcome series and more.

Email Automation

Add SMS messages into your automated workflows. Extra charges for SMS sending apply.

SMS Automation

Add push notifications into your automated workflows.

Push Notifications Automation

Add Facebook Messenger in your abandoned cart, order or shipping confirmation workflows.

Messenger Automation

Save time using our pre-built automation workflows for cart abandonment, welcome series, post-purchase, and other re-engagement sequences.

Pre-built Ecommerce Workflows

Create your own workflows using custom events & available integrations data.

Custom Workflows

No. of custom events you can create to use as triggers in your workflows.

Custom Events

Personalize your messaging across different paths within a single workflow using Automation Splits.

Automation Splits

Make your workflows more relevant by testing different channels, messages, subject lines, and more.

A/B Split Testing

Tailor your messages to specific audiences with dynamic content blocks available for automated emails.

Conditional Content Blocks


Newsletters with a "Powered by Omnisend" badge.

Omnisend Branding

Easily send promotional email campaigns.

Email Campaigns

Experiment with different sender's name and subject lines, and learn what works best for your audience.

Email A/B Testing

Automatically send a repeated newsletter to those who didn't open the first one.

Campaign Booster

Send promotional campaigns as SMS/text messages. Charged separately, per SMS.

SMS Campaigns

Send promotional campaigns as web push notifications.

Push Notification Campaigns

Targeting & Personalization

The amount of time you're able to access tracking data.

Website Tracking Data History
1 month
3 months
6 months
18 months

See what pages, categories and items your visitors are browsing in real time.

Website Tracking - Live View

See the browsing history and details of every anonymous and known user.

Website Tracking - Customer Profiles

Personalized targeting based on subscribers criteria and behavior.

5 segments
20 segments
50 segments
200 segments

Import Omnisend's segmentsand segments into Facebook Custom Audiences with a few clicks.

Facebook Custom Audiences Sync

Import Omnisend's segmentsand segments into Google Ads Audience with a few clicks.

Google Customer Match Sync


Signups forms with a "Powered by Omnisend" badge.

Omnisend Branding

Number of signup forms available on your website at the same time.

Number of Active Signup Forms

Available fields to collect subscriber's additional information.

Number of Additional Fields

Show your signup forms to visitors who are about to exit your store.

Exit-Intent Forms

Set your signup forms to appear after specific time or on specific pages your site visitors are checking.

Custom Targeting & Timing

Enable detailed consent collection for TCPA & GDPR collection.

TCPA & GDPR Consent Collection

Collect SMS subscriber opt-ins using any of our forms.

SMS Opt-In Collection

Assign rules and decide which visitors get a popup invitation, including when and where.


Always-visible and non-intrusive signup widget that allows your visitors to opt-in at any time.

Signup Boxes

Use dedicated landing page for your marketing campaigns to collect new subscribers.

Landing Pages

Award your visitors with a prize in exchange for their email address.

Wheel of Fortune

Content Editor

Send unique discount codes that re auto-generated and synchronized with your store.

Discount Coupon Code

Display your products and the details in many different layouts.

Product Content Block

Select from a variety of beautiful email templates that look professional and are easy to customize.

Email Templates

Edit images with our built-in Adobe Creative Cloud Connected image editor.

Image Editor

Automatically recommend your best sellers or your latest products on campaigns and automation. Only for Shopify and API integration.

Product Recommender

Automatically import products into your emails while simply browsing your store.

Product Picker

Gamify your newsletters and double your click rates with our interactive Gift Box.

Gift Box

Offer discounts to your subscribers with an interactive lottery-like Scratch Card.

Scratch Card

Use conditional content blocks in automation workflows to tailor specific content to targeted customer segments.

Conditional Content Blocks

Get instant customer feedback within your campaigns.

Customer Feedback

Promote the right products to the right audiences in your campaigns or automated emails.

Personalized Recommendations


Always know how much revenue each campaign, channel or automated workflow is generating.

Sales Reporting (for all available channels)

Watch how your email & SMS lists are growing over time and compare the trend with previous periods.

Audience Growth

Track how well each and every signup form converts visitors into subscribers, including contextual data.

Signup Forms Reports

Analyze your campaigns performance with open, click, deliverability rates and revenue data.

Campaign Reports

See which products and elements your subscribers clicked on.

Campaign Clickmaps

Analyze open, click, deliverability rates and revenue data for each message in your workflows.

Automation Reports

Track aggregate performance data, compare email & SMS results and identify your best performing campaigns & workflows in a single view.

Advanced Reporting
6 months
18 months

See which segments are performing best in the Advanced Reporting.

Reports by Segment

Keep track of what your store visitors are doing with readily available web tracking data. Saved data periods differ by plan.

Live View
1 month
3 months
6 months
18 months

Support, Services & Account Management

Available users per account.


Helpful advice anytime you need it.

24/7 Email and Chat Support

Use Sender Policy Framework and Domain Keys Identified Mail protocols to increase your deliverability.

Domain Signature (SPF / DKIM signature)

Response time under 5 minutes.

Priority Support

Dedicated Account Manager to resolve any questions or issues you have with your account.

Dedicated Account Manager

Have a full account activity report.

User Logs and Audits on Request


Integration with Zapier.


Integration with Tidio via Zapier.

Tidio Live Chat

Integration with Facebook.

Facebook Page (Auto-Post Campaigns)

Integration with Smile.io


Integration with LoyaltyLion.


Integration with Yotpo.


Integration with ReCharge.


Integration with AfterShip.


Integration with ShipStation.


Integration with Intercom.


Integration with Growave.


Integration with Stamped.io


Integration with Gorgias.


Integration with CartHook.


Integration with EasyShip.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged once the free trial ends?

Unless you choose to upgrade to the Standard or Pro plan, we won’t charge you when your trial ends. You’ll automatically be subscribed to the Free plan and can then upgrade to Standard or Pro whenever you want.

Can I use all the Pro plan features while on a free trial?

Yes, you can explore all the Pro plan features and a variety of channels, including SMS, Push Notifications, Google Customer Match, Facebook Custom Audiences, and more. The only limitation on a Pro plan free trial is that you can send a maximum of 15K emails/month.

What if I need to send more emails than my limit?

No worries—if you exceed your email sending limit on the Free, Standard or Pro plan, you can manually refill your email credits from your account. Users on the Enterprise plan can send unlimited emails per month; however, fair use policy applies in order to comply with our anti-spam policy.

I want to send SMS. How will I be charged?

SMS sending costs are covered by SMS credits. If you sign up to either our Pro or Enterprise plan, you'll get free SMS credits included in your account monthly (or yearly for those on yearly plans). If you choose our Standard plan, you'll be able to get an SMS credits subscription.

How can I get SMS credits?

We add free SMS credits equal to the price of your monthly (yearly) plan if you choose either our Pro or Enterprise plan. If you sign up for our Standard plan, you'll need to get an SMS credit subscription to start sending texts. You can get an adjust your SMS credit subscription directly in your Omnisend account.

Will my SMS credits transfer to the next month?

Yes, they will. SMS credits have an expiration date of 60 days, meaning that if you don’t use them in the first month, you will be able to use them the next. This applies both to the free SMS credits that you get on Pro/Enterprise plans as well as to SMS credit subscriptions.

Do you offer migration services?

There is an option to get a paid full on-boarding and migration service for all Pro plan users, while all Enterprise plan users get an Advanced Email Account Migration package free of charge.

In what currency will you charge me?

All payments in Omnisend are processed in USD ($). Prices displayed on our Pricing page are also in USD ($) and they do not include VAT.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA (credit, debit, prepaid), MasterCard (credit, debit, prepaid) and American Express (credit, prepaid) card payments. Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay cards are not supported.

Do you count contacts twice if I add them to two different segments?

We don't charge you for duplicate contacts. Unlike other email marketing platforms, we count your subscribers only once, no matter how many segments they belong to. We also don’t charge twice for the same contact that is subscribed to multiple channels, like SMS and email. With Omnisend, you’re only charged for your unique contacts.

What's the difference in price between yearly and monthly plans?

With the yearly plan we charge you the full amount for a year with up to 22% discount. This way, you get all the features and email credits for only 78% of the price. Choose the monthly option if you want to be charged on a monthly basis instead. The payments are due every 30 days for the monthly plan and 360 days for the annual plan, starting from your first payment.

When can I expect to get an Account Manager?

If you're on the Enterprise plan, you're automatically assigned a dedicated Account Manager. Customers on a Pro plan with a sizeable subscriber segment qualify for priority support services.

I have more questions. How can I reach you?

You can always get in-depth answers on our Knowledge Base, or send us an email at support@omnisend.com. We'll be glad to answer all of your questions.