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Product Picker

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What is Product Picker?
Product Picker is a unique Soundest feature that makes adding products to your newsletter way easier and faster. It allows you to pick products for your newsletter while just browsing your online store. A system automatically adds them and complements them with pictures, descriptions and pricing.
How does it work?
An image is worth a thousand words. A video - even more. Check out this short introduction video to learn all about the Product Picker!
What are the benefits?
  • This feature is tailored for ecommerce newsletters. With Product Picker you will create your newsletter 10 times faster than with any other email editor.
  • With little effort you will change the layout of products, add some additional elements and make final touches in minutes.
  • This feature is user-friendly. To use it is refreshingly easy, even for non-tech-savvies.
Can I customize it?
Yes, you can choose how many elements should be placed in one row (from 1 to 3 per row), select the position of the buy button, and name the button so you do not have to edit each product after picking. This not only saves time, but allows you to have the layout that suits you the best.