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Product reviews where they truly belong

We’re bringing product reviews to Omnisend. To a place where they truly belong – seamlessly integrated alongside your email & SMS, forms & push notifications.

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Where it all comes together

Now, your customers' reviews can live right where they can do the most good – alongside your own words in emails, texts, and popups, adding a perspective that only your customers can provide.

Get everything under one roof

When your every tool, every message, and every review all come together and work for the same goal, it’s so much easier for your satisfied customers to open doors to new ones.

No hassle, no learning curve, no lost data – just a smooth path from sale to review, and back again.

Let trust build itself

With Omnisend's Product Reviews, automation does all the heavy lifting, letting you effortlessly show off all the great things your customers are saying about you and your products.

No need to worry about missing out or falling behind. After all, building trust shouldn’t be a second full-time job.

Sell. Review. Repeat

When someone buys from you and really loves what they’ve got, they'll tell the world.

Their review, combined with email & SMS, will help more customers discover you, keeping the word-of-mouth cycle going strong, one happy customer at a time.

Feature sneak peek

When everything just works

There’s something special about seeing everything just click into place. And that's precisely what using Product Reviews feels like. With every feature designed to make it easy for your customers’ stories to be heard, shared, and celebrated, you'll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Collect reviews automatically

Set up email & SMS workflows to ask your customers for reviews.

Segment based on ratings

Create segments based on review ratings to target your customers better.

Reward customer feedback

Offer discounts and other incentives to encourage more customer reviews.

Highlight 5-star reviews

Showcase top review quotes & ratings in emails and on your store to give shoppers the confidence they need to buy.

Keep your data

Import existing reviews and see review data & trends within Omnisend.

Boost your Shopify store’s visibility

Attract traffic and improve SEO with product ratings that are visible in Google search results.

Don’t miss the launch

Product Reviews are coming to Omnisend on April 23. Sign up to stay updated and be among the first to welcome them to where they truly belong.