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Black Halo Increased Revenue by $20K Within Their First Month

Of revenue increase within the first month of using Omnisend
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Black Halo empowers women through sophisticated, classic apparel with a modern twist.



Los Angeles, CA

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Black Halo is a woman-founded and owned clothing brand that sells tailored contemporary dresses, sophisticated business attire, and stunning evening wear.

Black Halo operates primarily as an e-commerce wholesaler and sells individual pieces on its website that are appropriate for business meetings, galas, brunches, conferences, cocktail parties, and black-tie events.

As a luxury women’s clothing brand, Black Halo has an especially targeted customer base, making it critical for the marketing team to connect with the right customers at the right time with the right messages.

To accomplish this, their marketing team, led by the Director of E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, Caely Lybeck, needs an innovative email marketing platform that shows which marketing messages are resonating well with customers and that makes it easy to maximize what customers want to see.

Previously Used Email Marketing Platforms That Weren’t User-Friendly & Lacked Features

Before finding Omnisend, Black Halo tried other email marketing platforms, including MailChimp and, most recently, Klaviyo. Caely’s team found these platforms were difficult to use, lacked sophisticated and up-to-date email marketing features, and became significantly more expensive as Black Halo’s subscriber list grew.

Even though the prices increased with more subscribers, Black Halo found that MailChimp and Klaviyo didn’t have the appropriate features to support a quickly scaling brand. If the solutions did have updated automation and segmentation capabilities, the features were often difficult to find and use.

Another problem with previous email marketing platforms was the lack of customer support. When Black Halo ran into a problem setting up automations with Klaviyo, it was difficult, if not impossible, to get help from customer service.

The team at Black Halo knew if they were going to improve their email marketing efforts, they’d have to find a more user-friendly marketing platform with a more helpful customer service team. That’s when Black Halo found Omnisend.

Easy-to-Use, Omnichannel Marketing Platform

Black Halo’s team was instantly impressed with Omnisend’s affordable pricing structure, the ease of use, and its robust and innovative email marketing, SMS, and automation features.

Caely says, “I immediately liked the platform. It was very user-friendly and presented me with the relevant customer information I was seeking. I didn’t have to dig deep into the platform to see what messages our subscribers were liking.”

Not only was subscriber data accessible, but setting up relevant integrations, including Shopify Plus, was a seamless process. All it took to integrate was a single-click install, and Omnisend automatically synced all of Black Halo’s contact and order information. This feature made it possible for Black Halo to connect its store to Omnisend in minutes, instead of hours.

The most significant selling point for Black Halo was Omnisend’s exceptional 24-7 customer support. Upon sign-up, Omnisend assigned Black Halo a dedicated customer success manager to help answer questions, offer marketing best practice advice, and steer campaigns in the right direction.

Omnisend has incredible customer service. You can tell that they want to see their customers succeed, improve, and grow as a business, and I think that is awesome. I’d say that’s where Omnisend goes above and beyond. You’re always focusing on helping customers and improving your product. From that standpoint, Omnisend is the industry leader.” -Caely Lybeck

Significant Increases in Revenue & Improved Email Automations

From the time we started implementing the automations, we saw an increase of $20K in that first month.” -Caely


Adopting Omnisend has helped the Black Halo marketing team learn messaging best practices, create stellar workflows, and dive deeper into the analytics to capture relevant customer insights. They were easily able to implement multiple automated messages, including a welcome series, cross-sell emails, and cart, browse and product abandonment messages. Here are some of the most notable email, SMS, and web push message results Black Halo has seen since making the switch to Omnisend:

  • Revenue boosts from new automated emails. Implementing data-driven automations resulted in a $20K increase in revenue in the first month of using Omnisend. Additionally, these automated emails represent 36% of their email revenue, while accounting for only 1.1% of email sends.
  • Ability to actively engage subscribers from the start. Black Halo’s welcome series generates 9% of total email revenue on only 0.17% of total email sends. The SMS in this workflow produces an average earning per message of $7.46.
  • Increases in abandoned cart recovery. Optimizing abandon cart emails and push messages led to a significant increase in recovered sales, representing 16% of email revenue while only accounting for 0.5% of email sends. Additionally, Black Halo’s abandoned cart workflow sees an average revenue per email of $4.30, and push messages in this workflow see an astounding revenue per message of $48.
  • Continued campaign optimization. Black Halo implemented a single product abandonment automation as a test, and this automation has far outperformed the marketing team’s expectations. This campaign generates 8.5% of total email revenue while accounting for only 0.3% of email sends.
  • Automated emails outperform promotional messages. Black Halo’s lift in revenue per email for automated messages is 4865% greater than promotional messages, and conversion rates are 970% greater than promotional messages.
  • Ongoing customer support. Black Halo’s numbers have improved significantly because of Omnisend’s professional support and expertise. Additionally, having an Omnisend representative available to help with campaign strategy saved Black Halo time and money on research and resources.

Our numbers have gone up significantly from the support that we’re receiving. While the cost of Omnisend is similar to some of the other email marketing platforms, we’re seeing exponentially higher results, and that comes from the support Omnisend provides. We have seen our numbers grow and that makes the price worth it.” -Caely

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