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How Black Mango Generates 43% of Email Revenue Without the Effort

Lift in revenue-per-email with abandoned cart messages
Of follow-up email recipients place phone orders
Of email revenue from automated messages

Black Mango delivers high-quality modern furniture at affordable prices.



Adelaide, Australia

Retail Vertical


Former email provider

Mailchimp, Klaviyo

Ecommerce platform


Products/tactics used

Shopify integration

Automation workflows

Popup sign-up

Cart abandonment

Welcome series

Follow-up automation

Cross-sell automation

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Black Mango is an online-only retailer born from three decades of retail experience coupled with a desire to connect shoppers with stunning, affordable furniture. Husband and wife duo Daniel Wright and Kylie Porter-Wright built Black Mango not only to break into the online marketplace as business owners but so they could spend more time with their family.

While Black Mango has no actual brick-and-mortar stores, they do operate both a warehouse and a showroom, meaning their team, while small, needs to be both agile and productive.

Black Mango’s small but mighty team understands the importance of maximizing time. Graphic designer Stacey Dixon’s duties go beyond building beautiful emails and content for the Australia-based furniture company. On any given day, she’s overseeing several critical, revenue-generating responsibilities like providing customer service, producing eye-catching emails and newsletters, creating design assets, and more. Adding to her workload is not always an option.

An Agile Team Needing an Agile Email Provider

As Black Mango continues to grow, this agile team was looking for an email service provider (ESP) to accommodate that growth without skipping a beat. Stacey knew that she needed an ESP that would help Black Mango reach those goals without creating more work on her end.

As a Shopify customer, Stacey knew the importance of opting for an email service provider that integrated with their ecommerce storefront—something Mailchimp was not able to do. She began searching for an email service provider that was not only compatible with Shopify, but that could work smarter for Black Mango.

“Because our company was growing quite rapidly and outgrowing MailChimp, we decided that we needed something that had more features — things that we could help us reach our customers in a bigger way.”


Choosing a Partner With Features That Work Smarter

Before coming to Omnisend, Black Mango used both Mailchimp and Klaviyo, and demoed several other ESPs, including Campaign Monitor, to make sure they chose a provider with the right features and integrations to meet their needs. Stacey ultimately chose to move to Omnisend due to several factors, including ease of use, workflow automation, customer service, and more.

Since choosing Omnisend, Stacey has created several email campaigns to combat various customer obstacles like cart abandonment and one-time purchasing. Omnisend’s automated workflows allow Stacey to create campaigns that convert quickly and reach Black Mango’s target audience on various channels, such as email, SMS, and more.

Omnisend’s pre-built workflows and no-code automation editor helped Stacey design attention-grabbing campaigns with just a few clicks.

“It’s just the ease of the automated workflows. I’ve worked with quite a few different online platforms for emails. With Omnisend, it’s so easy to set up, and it’s so easy to be able to make changes if you need to.”


How to Generate 43% of Email Revenue Without the Effort

Omnisend gives Black Mango the flexibility to create email campaigns that resonate with their customers using features that save time. With Omnisend, Stacey has created several high-converting automated email campaigns that not only have increased customer engagement but have resulted in additional sales.

For example, Stacey designed an automated follow-up email campaign aimed at customers who requested fabric swatches. After a customer submits a form to receive fabric swatches, their contact details are imported into Omnisend and tagged in the associated audience segment. If the customer has not purchased within 14 days, they receive an automated follow-up email.

These emails have a 57.4% open rate. What’s more, 61% of the customers who entered into the automation placed phone orders, proving that omnichannel convenience matters to consumers. Because these emails are automated, it’s one less thing for Stacey to spend time thinking about.

Additionally, Stacey created a three-part abandoned cart email sequence that spans over six days—with great results.



Black Mango has seen a whopping 5,147% increase in revenue per email from this sequence. The first email generates an average conversion rate of 55.6%, followed by 44.7% from the second email, and 34.8% from the third. What’s more, abandoned cart emails account for 25% of Black Mango’s email revenue while accounting for less than 1% of their email sends.

BlackMango_Abandoned Cart Conversions Rates

Omnisend’s automation capabilities make it effortless for Stacey to engage with customers consistently and boost interactions with one-time customers. In fact, 43% of Black Mango’s email revenue comes from automated messages, accounting for less than 2% of all email sends. By automating key customer messages, Stacey can get more done in far less time.

Stacey is also in the process of building an automated email campaign that focuses on cross-selling products to past customers. The goal of these emails is to reach their customer base and boost their return customer rate. Using Omnisend’s pre-built workflows, Stacey can create many similar campaigns to correspond with each product collection in a fraction of the time.

In addition to Omnisend’s time-saving features, Stacey cites her dedicated customer success manager as a significant contributor to her success with Omnisend. Having a dedicated Omnisend representative in her corner who can answer questions and provide guidance makes designing and sending campaigns in Omnisend not only easier but more enjoyable.

When your team is strapped for time, it’s all the more important to leverage the tools and software that will help you get more done in less time. Stacey plans on continuing to work with Omnisend to launch more campaigns and generate more sales—all without the stress.

“I just don’t think Black Mango would have grown and developed to what it is today if we hadn’t switched over.”


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