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CBDfx is a well-known ecommerce business which is proud to offer the highest quality, full spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) products on the market.



California, US



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CBDfx is a well-known ecommerce business which is proud to offer the highest quality, full spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) products on the market.

The focus of CBDfx is to give everyone access to CBD with the widest selection of high quality, organically grown CBD products.

The company has been in the business for a while, so you can rest assured that CBDfx offers some of the best CBD products available on the market.


The transition

Since the start CBDfx has been handling their business via Shopify.

When they discovered Omnisend in 2017 in the Shopify app store, they were amazed by Omnisend’s ease of use and, most importantly, ease of integration between their ecommerce website and Omnisend’s marketing automation solution.

Soon, the brand realized how convenient it is to use Omnisend’s unique feature – the Product Picker.


CBDfx provides a lot of different products and customizable options for their clients, and with Omnisend’s Product Picker it was fast and effortless to add all of the products in the email campaigns.

“You guys always have been reliable and we enjoy working with you. -Emil from CBDfx”

However, when the brand decided to move their ecommerce business from Shopify to WooCommerce, a lot of work had to be done.


The challenge

When the whole business was shifting, email marketing was not in the priority list for the CBDfx. In addition, the team knew that with WooCommerce it wouldn’t be very easy to integrate with Omnisend.

“Unfortunately, and due to our sudden migration to the new platform, I neither have time nor energy to read documents or learn new tricks,” Emil said when Omnisend proposed a plan of transition using WooCommerce.

When we explained that Omnisend provides all of the documentation for the custom API integration, the brand emphasized that they were swamped with work and wouldn’t have time to delve into the documentation.

“Unfortunately neither I, nor my team has time to read API documents and write code, so we will get to it when we have more time or look for another solution which doesn’t require us to do all the legwork when we are totally swamped with getting our business back on track.”


The Omnisend solution

Fortunately, the Omnisend team delivered some good news, something that allowed CBDfx to still get all the same features, power and flexibility without any extra work required.

Omnisend has a brand new WooCommerce plugin, meaning that CBDfx only needed to download the plugin and run it from their end—that’s it.


No additional coding or time-consuming operations that would take them away from their business.

Emil and his team decided to give our WooCommerce plugin a try.

The file was already available in the WooCommerce extensions shop, and they were able to fully integrate with Omnisend within minutes without any trouble.

As the transition was so rapid and effective, the shop didn’t lost any sales from the possible downtime with their email marketing


“I checked it and it really works! You guys are great to work with.”


Once again the brand can use the whole package of features Omnisend has to offer.

Time is an essential factor in ecommerce business, and if the store is experiencing high traffic it’s crucial to solve all of the ongoing issues that can cause problems with their sales.

Emil and CBDfx took the opportunity to painlessly integrate their WooCommerce store within minutes and are a happy merchant with Omnisend once again.