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How Joah Love Achieved 5x List Growth and Increased Sales with Omnisend

5x Growth
Grew email subscribers from 18K to 100K
Earned for every welcome message sent
of email revenue from automated messages

Joah Love offers cool, locally-made, and fuss-free apparel for children.



Monrovia, CA

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Fashion and apparel

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Ahyoung Stobar, a fashion designer and entrepreneur, started Joah Love in 2008 to create stylish, high-quality children’s clothing. Joah Love sold the majority of its products wholesale, selling to high-end boutiques and large retailers like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

While wholesaling was an effective strategy for many years, Stobar also wanted to move more merchandise by selling directly to consumers online. Stobar knew that selling directly to consumers could contribute substantially to the business’s bottom line and recently expanded its products, adding masks and adult clothing to the lineup.

As Joah Love grew its DTC efforts, the team began to focus more and more on email marketing. The result? More traction, a dedicated audience, and an increase in revenue.

How to Grow DTC Channels While Balancing Wholesale Clients

As Joah Love experienced rapid DTC sales growth, it was initially difficult to balance wholesale customers and meet the needs of direct consumers.

Stobar wanted to keep her wholesale customers happy while also finding smart ways to engage customers that wanted to buy directly from the Joah Love website.

Stobar realized that the most important tool for building long-lasting customer relationships was an email marketing platform. She needed something that would help her capture new subscribers, segment lists, send automated messages, pair messages with social media campaigns, and allow her to send SMS messages.

“I realized more than ever how important the direct consumer relationship is to my brand, and how valuable email subscriptions are in maintaining that connection.”

-Ahyoung Stobar

Creating Personal Connections With Automation And Segmentation

“I have a personal connection to customers, and email helps me access my customers and develop relationships.”


Initially, Joah Love was using Mailchimp to manage direct-to-consumer email marketing efforts, but the team quickly learned they needed a more robust platform that could handle more automation, advanced segmentation, and SMS. This is when Joah Love found and started using Omnisend.

Here are some of the ways the Joah Love team uses Omnisend to connect with customers:

  • Prioritizing automated campaigns. Omnisend made it possible for Joah Love to turn the tables and focus on DTC buyers, instead of placing all its energy into wholesale clients. With campaign automation, it’s possible to individually engage customers with high-converting welcome messages, behavior-based emails, abandon cart emails, and other timely promotions.
  • Sending the right messages with segmentation. Joah Love has different kinds of consumers and segments based on customer type, geographical location, and loyalty membership. Stobar says, “if I want to give my VIP members—and only my VIP members—a discount, I can do this through Omnisend’s segmentation features. With Omnisend, it’s possible to cater to the end-user.”
  • Enhancing customer reach with complementary email and social media campaigns. Joah Love also recently started focusing on pairing email campaigns with paid Facebook and Instagram ads, making messages more targeted and consistent across marketing channels.
  • Increase brand awareness with SMS messages. Stobar has recently started using SMS messages as a way to engage with customers with fun visual messages while maintaining high subscriber rates.

“SMS messaging is really important. If I send an email blast and want to capture the people who didn’t open the email, I can follow up with a text message.”


Finding The Right Fit of Increased Subscribers, Sales, And Engaged Customers

With the help of Omnisend, Joah Love has been able to shift its focus to DTC and successfully engage its new audience.

One of the most impressive metrics related to this shift is that Joah Love increased its email subscribers from 18,000 to over 100,000 in less than one year—allowing them to rapidly increase email-generated sales. Here are some ways Joah Love is finding success with their email marketing program:

  • Automated messages: Automated messages generate nearly 26% of their email revenue while accounting for less than 5% of email sends. These messages see a 670% lift in revenue per email (RPE) compared to promotional messages, and average a 41% open rate, and a 60% conversion rate.
  • Promotional messages: Promotional messages have an 18% open rate, a 14.4% click-to-open rate, an RPE of $0.48, and an astounding 24.3% conversion rate. With an RPE of $0.48, it’s clear the segmented and timely mask and giveaway messages are landing well with subscribers.
  • Welcome messages: Joah Love’s welcome message knocks it out of the park with an RPE over $10—a 2000% lift over promotional messages. The welcome message generates 37% of automated email revenue and accounts for 9.6% of total email revenue.
  • Browse abandonment messages: Accounting for 35% of total automated email revenue, these messages earn a whopping 75% conversion rate and an RPE of $2.72.
  • Abandon cart messages: Joah Love’s three-part abandon cart series sees a 43% open rate, a 62.5% conversion rate, and an RPE of $4.95, representing a 935% lift over promotional emails.

Omnnisend has helped Joah Love effectively turn its attention to its new group of direct consumers, and the metrics show the success of their efforts. The rapid growth in email subscribers and the automated and segmented campaign capabilities allow Joah Love to increase sales, nurture customer relationships, and outfit more kids with clothes they love to wear.


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