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How LEGO Colombia’s strategic shift to Omnisend drove sales and engagement

LEGO Colombia, a regional branch of the globally renowned LEGO brand, experienced significant growth in their ecommerce sales and customer database in 2020. To manage this growth and improve customer engagement, the company decided to switch from Mailchimp to Omnisend.

How LEGO Colombia’s strategic shift to Omnisend drove sales and engagement
  • 26%

    of Omnisend sales generated through automations

  • 37%

    Average open rates for all automations

  • 10%

    Average click through rates for all automations

“Our ecommerce sales as well as client database began growing at a very fast pace. We decided to switch to Omnisend because unlike Mailchimp, Omnisend provides advanced segmentation options, elaborate and automated templates, and allows the creation of more advanced workflows,” says Lego Colombia team.
Omnisend’s integration with Shopify further influenced this decision, providing a seamless transition that was necessary to increase both sales and engagement.

Implementing advanced automations

LEGO Colombia’s marketing automation strategy focuses on keeping the brand top of mind, sending personalized emails that cater to customers’ purchase patterns, and ultimately boosting sales.

“We have active welcome, post-purchase, cross-selling, and abandoned cart flows which have excellent results,” explains Lego Colombia team. These automated workflows help keep customers engaged by providing incentives and delivering content tailored to their interests.

A good indicator of the effectiveness of LEGO Colombia’s automations is the sales that come from them. In fact, 26% of their total orders come from automated emails and push notifications alone. This is even more significant when you consider that, because it’s automated, you set it up once, and you let Omnisend do the rest.

Additionally, on average their automations show open rates of 37.24%, with click through rates of 9.96%.

“The welcome email series is particularly crucial in our strategy. After subscribing, customers receive a series of emails designed to engage them and encourage their first purchase. We look to capture the client as soon as they show interest in us,” says Lego Colombia team.

Embracing an omnichannel approach

“Our brand provides a completely omnichannel experience all around,” says Lego Colombia team. “In today’s market, omnichannel marketing is essential for ensuring consistent and personalized interactions across all touch points.”

Through email campaigns, LEGO Colombia informs customers about special sales, product launches, and events occurring both online and in physical stores.

Meanwhile, push messages on their website act as handy reminders about discount codes or other deals. Additionally, services like same-day delivery and in-store pickup emphasize and round up this omnichannel focus.

Maintaining brand consistency

The LEGO brand is built on core values such as creativity, imagination, learning, fun, and quality — which are integral to all aspects of the company’s operations, from product design to customer interactions.

Adhering to brand guidelines is essential for maintaining brand consistency globally and locally.

“LEGO has a very comprehensive brand manual and values that we must follow. Omnisend’s elaborate and customizable templates allow us to transmit LEGO’s image in a manner that best represents it,” explains Lego Colombia team.

The LEGO Colombia branch is dedicated to upholding these values by ensuring that every communication, marketing campaign, and customer engagement reflects the brand’s essence.

Wrap up

The switch to Omnisend has significantly benefited LEGO Colombia — they’re now able to engage with customers through personalized, automated emails and use an omnichannel approach.

They are confident that their email service provider won’t hold them back when it comes to their growth, and their marketing efforts will stay aligned with LEGO’s global standards.

The company plans to continue exploring what Omnisend has to offer to help maintain their position as a leader in the toy industry.