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educational content

Enflow Digital: How to use educational content to 2x your campaigns

See how Enflow Digital uses educational content to 2x its clients’ average email revenue.

Enflow Digital: How to use educational content to 2x your campaigns
  • 46%

    open rate

  • 0.77%

    click rate

  • $10,713+

    in sales

This is a free edition of the Marketing Playbook by Omnisend. For more step-by-step, actionable ecommerce marketing strategy guides like this one, sign up for Omnisend’s Standard plan or above today.

In this edition of Marketing Playbook Free Edition, we take a look at how Enflow Digital uses educational content to double its clients’ average email revenue. Rather than simply promoting products, they use education as a marketing strategy to foster a deeper connection with customers, which in turn leads to increased sales.

Here’s how they do it, and how you can use this educational content to boost your own revenue.


  • Engagement: The campaign was sent to 139,843 contacts and got a 46% open rate, as well as a 0.77% click rate.
  • Revenue: The campaign generated $10,713+ in sales, doubling the average campaign revenue for the brand.
  • Consistent results: For Enflow Digital, educational campaigns consistently outperform other campaigns that rely on discounts or product showcases alone.

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Educational content strategy

At the heart of this strategy lies the philosophy of “educate, don’t just sell.”

Enflow Digital recognizes that today’s consumers are savvy—they want to understand the products they’re buying, how those products can solve their problems, and why they should choose one product over another.

So, instead of pushing hard sales messages, it’s a good idea to use educational content as a tool to take complex topics and break them down into easily digestible bites. This content not only informs but also builds trust, as customers appreciate the added value they receive.

In fact, the strategy helped Enflow Digital to double the average campaign revenue for their client. If used correctly, it can do the same for any ecommerce brand looking to grow its business.

An example of an educational email campaign

[Download the full email screenshot]

Strapped for time? Click here to book a free strategy session with Enflow Digital.


To execute the same strategy that Enflow Digital used, do the following:

1. Outline the primary objective of your email campaign

This could be to boost sales of specific products or product categories. Clearly defining your goal provides a focused direction for your campaign’s execution.

For Enflow Digital, the primary objective was to generate increased sales for the client’s specific products that support gut health.

2. Do the research

Before launching the campaign, conduct thorough research to identify seasonal occasions, relevant topics, and significant ecommerce dates that resonate with your target audience.

Once you’ve identified potential occasions, shortlist those that best align with your brand, niche, and the products you intend to promote.

Enflow Digital conducted in-depth research on January trends and occasions, which revealed that the New Year detox was a highly relevant topic for their target audience. This presented an excellent angle to promote gut health products.

3. Get the timing right

Select an occasion that aligns with your campaign’s goals and resonates with your audience. Consider how your products can address the needs or problems your customers might have during that specific context.

For Enflow Digital, the campaign was sent on January 13, strategically capitalizing on the period when consumers often seek fresh starts, resolutions, and ways to improve themselves, making it an ideal time to promote products related to wellness and self-improvement.

4. Use the ACCA framework for copywriting

In your campaign’s copy, focus on addressing your target audience’s specific problems that your products can solve.

[Download the full screenshot]

Use prompts like

  • X Signs Of [Something Related To Your Niche] You Shouldn’t Ignore
  • X Signs You May Have [Problem Your Product Solves]
  • X Signs You Need To [Something Related To Your Niche]

to grab attention and raise awareness about the problem your product addresses. Use the ACCA framework–Awareness, Conviction, Convincing, Action–in your copy to guide the reader from understanding the problem to taking action. Clearly explain how your product alleviates their pain points and builds trust in its effectiveness.

Tips from the agency

Here are Enflow Digital’s tips for executing a successful educational email campaign:

  • Include a special offer. Creating special offers or bundles can significantly boost the Average Order Value (AOV) and incentivize purchases. Tailor these offers to align with the occasion and customer needs.
  • Take advantage of segmentation. Consider segmenting your audience based on their interests, particularly if your product range caters to different niches. For example, segmenting dog owners and cat owners for relevant occasions could enhance personalization and engagement.
  • Focus on design + optimize for mobile. Make sure to carefully design your campaign’s visual elements. Focus on creating an appealing and user-friendly experience, particularly for mobile users. Place your CTA above the fold, within the initial scroll, to maximize click-through rates and conversions.

Who can use this strategy?

  • Ecommerce brandsAny ecommerce brand aiming to foster an informed customer base can benefit from this strategy. It’s all about showing your customers that you understand their needs and are committed to delivering solutions—not just selling products.
  • Wellness & healthcare brands. For businesses in wellness, healthcare, skincare, or any sector where a deep understanding of the product can influence buying decisions, educational content is key. By offering well-researched, easy-to-understand content that enlightens customers on health-related topics, these brands can demonstrate their expertise and dedication to customer welfare.
  • Complex or niche brands. If your product requires a learning curve or caters to a niche market, educational content can significantly aid in customer acquisition and retention. By educating potential customers about the uses and benefits of your product, you can ease their apprehensions, clarify doubts, and create an informed customer base that appreciates your offerings.
  • Brands that promote sustainable and ethical products. If your brand stands for sustainability or has a strong ethical component, you can use this strategy to share your story, your mission, and why your products are a more responsible choice. It’s a fantastic way to engage customers who share the same values and turn them into loyal advocates of your brand.

About Enflow Digital

Enflow Digital was established in 2022 by co-founders Julius Urbanavicius and Karolina Uvarkina. Both honed their skills by scaling multiple ecommerce businesses to success before deciding to use their expertise to help other businesses thrive in the digital world.

The agency primarily caters to ecommerce brands across diverse industries, including wellness, skincare, pet care, jewelry, and sports, which make up about 95% of their clientele.

Enflow Digital’s approach to digital marketing is a blend of comprehensive research, strategic planning, and a steadfast commitment to its clients’ long-term success. By creating a robust and customized marketing strategy for each client, they delve into detailed analyses of historical email marketing data, industry trends, and customer preferences.

This careful and thoughtful approach ensures that every campaign lands perfectly, delivering effectiveness across various industries and audiences, and hitting the mark every time.

Want to work with Enflow Digital? Click here to get started.

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