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limited drop strategy

Invisible Brands: How to make €370,000 in 10 minutes

Learn how German digital marketing agency Invisible Brands used the limited drop strategy that made €370,000+ for their client in just 10 minutes.

Invisible Brands: How to make €370,000 in 10 minutes
  • 57%

    open rate

  • 31%

    click rate

  • 370,000+

    in sales generated

This is a free edition of the Marketing Playbook by Omnisend. For more step-by-step, actionable ecommerce marketing strategy guides like this one, sign up for Omnisend’s Standard plan or above today.

In this free edition of Marketing Playbook, we lift the curtain on how Invisible Brands, formerly a DTC fashion brand and currently a leading German digital marketing agency, made a staggering €370,000+ in just 10 minutes, and how you can use their playbook to boost your own sales.


  • Engagement: The campaign was sent to 30,774 contacts collected on TikTok, boasting a 57% open rate and a 31% click rate.
  • Immediate revenue: In just 10 minutes, the campaign generated €354,959 for the brand.
  • Long-term impact: The campaign brought in more than just immediate sales. It also significantly boosted the Customer Lifetime Value for the client, marking an increase in customers’ propensity for repeat purchases and helping the brand hit a new revenue milestone.

TikTok leads + Limited Drop model

Invisible Brands developed a systematic approach to drive sales through TikTok Leads in conjunction with the Limited Drop model.

TikTok Leads is all about sparking engagement through your TikTok videos, capturing views, likes, comments, and shares. Once you have your audience hooked, the goal is to convert this engagement into sales by enticing them to take action.

On the other hand, the Limited Drop model is a clever approach where you release, or ‘drop,’ a new product collection at a designated moment. The aim is to create a buzz and sell out the entire collection swiftly, leveraging the urgency and excitement generated by its exclusivity.


To follow the same strategy that Invisible Brands used, do the following:

1. Set up early access ads on social media + signup forms

Create TikTok and Instagram ads to promote early access to your brand’s limited line of products. When customers click on those ads, they’re taken to a landing page where they are asked to enter their email address. The landing page should encourage users to sign up in order not to miss the next limited drop.

2. Create a segment for the new contacts

Customers who sign up through the signup form get a special tag (for Invisible Brands, it was “NEU”).

3. Create an early access code automation

Set up an automated email with an early access code that is sent to audiences with the NEU tag who have signed up with their email address after visiting the landing page.



This automation achieved a 57% open rate, 31.7% click rate, and €354,959 in sales.

4. Send the pre-drop email

24 hours before the limited drop release time, send out a pre-drop email to your entire contact list. 

Ready for the new drop?

We’re launching our new collection on May 14 at 6pm

Secure your chance to win a BMW M2!

[Enter the shop here]

For Invisible Brands, this was sent out at 6:00 pm and resulted in a 37.9% open rate, 7% click rate, and €69,457 in sales.

5. Send the limited drop email

At the limited drop release time, send out an email to your entire audience.

Invisible Brands sent out this email at 6:00 pm. This resulted in a 37.9% open rate, 7.9% click rate, and an additional €19,882 in sales.

Tips from the agency

To make a campaign really hit the mark, Invisible Brands do all they can to set things up right from the start by following a few key steps:

  • Plan like a pro. The first thing is to bring the key team members to the table. This includes copywriters, designers, data analysts, and strategists. Invisible Brands initiate this preparatory work two weeks in advance, allowing them ample time to create, refine, and finalize their campaign materials.
  • Know your audience. Make sure to analyze your data and segment your audience to identify the most affluent and likely-to-purchase prospects.
  • Offer an incentive. Offering a valuable prize or giveaway in a limited drop teaser email can help you boost your open and conversion rates. While Invisible Brands gave shoppers a chance to win a BMW car, you don’t have to make your incentive that massive.
  • Make the emails pop. Focus on creating emails or texts that really catch attention and bring out the FOMO in your potential customers. The message has to be clear and exciting, and make people want to take action right away.

Invisible Brands is well-known for their emphasis on beautifully designed emails, and it clearly shows:

This combination of collaborative planning, smart audience segmentation, and captivating content is what’ll help you set the stage for an explosive campaign launch.

Who can use this model?

The limited drop method is very popular among DTC fashion brands in Germany, so people expect it. However, the general approach is well-known elsewhere—essentially, it’s a limited run of stock, and/or products being available for a specific period of time.

The specific approach may be different in every industry, but the idea can be adopted by other sectors. Any company offering physical items would be well placed to offer limited runs, exclusive product variations, or one-off designs.

If you’re unable to change your products, you could incorporate the FOMO element by offering an exclusive price for a limited time.

About Invisible Brands

Invisible Brands was born out of the enterprising spirit of Maurice Prüssner and Simon Ghebremicael, two German marketers who initially ventured into the direct-to-customer (DTC) fashion sector over three years ago.

Today, Invisible Brands stands tall as a leading digital marketing agency using Omnisend’s Partner Program, helping dozens of brands spread across Germany, Australia, and the United States upscale their sales with email marketing.

Renowned for its strong emphasis on design, Invisible Brands takes pride in the agency’s ability to create custom-coded designs that deliver an unmatched visual experience and revenue for their clients.

Want to work with Invisible Brands? Click here to get started.

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