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email warm-up strategy

Ag3ncy: How to warm up your email domain to 3x your sales

Learn how Ag3ncy used the email domain warm-up strategy to increase their sales by 300%.

Ag3ncy: How to warm up your email domain to 3x your sales
  • 34.12%

    open rate

  • 0.6%

    click rate

  • $67,000+

    sales generated

In this edition of the Marketing Playbook, we’re spotlighting Ag3ncy, a marketing agency that significantly improved their email deliverability and boosted sales by switching to Omnisend.

Here’s how they do it and how you can include their playbook into your strategy.



  • Engagement: After the warm-up period, Ag3ncy’s latest email campaign reached nearly a million subscribers, resulting in an open rate of 34.12% and a click-through rate of 1.74%.
  • Revenue increase: $67,100 with an average order value (AOV) of $161.12
  • Consistent results: By migrating to Omnisend and warming up their subscriber lists, Ag3ncy resolved their deliverability issues and saw a 300% increase in sales within the first week.

The importance of email warm-up

Email warm-up is the gradual process of increasing the number of emails sent from a new account. This prevents blacklisting by mailbox providers, helping you make sure your messages reach recipients’ inboxes instead of being flagged as spam.

Facing deliverability issues with their previous ESP, Ag3ncy transitioned to Omnisend and introduced a strategic email warm-up plan to secure a high sender reputation and significantly boost their deliverability rates.


To achieve the same success as Ag3ncy, follow these steps:

1. Add and authenticate a sender domain that fits your brand name

Make sure that the sender domain aligns with your brand name, and add an email address to match it.

Comply with recent Gmail and Yahoo requirements by using a custom domain authenticated with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. This protects against spoofing and phishing and helps maintain your brand reputation.

Here’s a quick walkthrough on implementing these Gmail and Yahoo requirements:

2. Opt-in for a domain warm-up

You have the choice to warm up your domain manually or use our new automated solution. Consider the benefits – doing it manually lets you strategically select the audience segments you want to start with. We recommend starting with your most engaged audience for fast reputation building and best results.

Alternatively, Omnisend’s automated solution divides the volume between your domain and shared domains, allowing you to email larger segments:

Ag3ncy opted for the manual approach, which let them carefully monitor their audience engagement and speed up reputation growth.

3. Prepare the best sending schedule and be persistent

Depending on your specific needs, the frequency of your campaign may change. Get to know your audience, put yourself in their shoes, and shape your strategy accordingly.

Ag3ncy opted for one campaign per day, gradually increasing email volume, which led to higher revenue.

4. Monitor your stats daily

Consistently track open and click rates to identify and resolve deliverability issues early. Ag3ncy maintained stable open and click rates by engaging its most devoted audience, ensuring consistent metrics and email frequency.

Who can use this strategy?

Ag3ncy’s success isn’t limited to a specific industry. Whether your brand is in ecommerce, fashion, electronics, or any other sector, email warm-up can help increase sales and strengthen customer relationships.

About Ag3ncy

Founded by Trevor and Kristin Antunez, AG3NCY is a digital marketing company known for its innovative approach to brand elevation and engagement. With roots in Trevor’s merchandising experience and cultural marketing, AG3NCY helps brands sell products and services online.

Collaborating with over fifty brands, including industry giants like Ultimate Ears and Fortnite, this Los Angeles, California, based agency has redefined itself as “not your typical marketing strategy,” but rather “dynamic partners, seamlessly helping to integrate with every facet of your enterprise.”

Ready to skyrocket your email marketing strategy like Ag3ncy? Click here to get started.