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May the Growth be with You: How to turn a Welcome email into a sales machine

Discover how May the Growth be with You’s use of zero-party data in Welcome automations helped the agency triple the average click rate of their clients’ welcome emails and significantly boost conversion rates.

May the Growth be with You: How to turn a Welcome email into a sales machine
  • 17.97%

    click rate

  • 68.8%

    click to order rate

  • £4.61

    revenue per email

Want to turn your welcome emails into consistent order generators? Great! Because in this edition of Marketing Playbook, we’re taking a look at how ‘May the Growth be with You’s use of zero-party data in Welcome automations helped the agency triple the average click rate of their clients’ welcome emails and significantly boost the conversion rates.


  • Engagement: The Welcome automation was sent to 1658 contacts and achieved an impressive 17.97% click rate, as well as a 68.8% conversion (click to order) rate.
  • Revenue per email sent: £4.61, with an average price point across the client’s site of just £15.
  • Repeatability: ‘May the Growth be with You’ managed to successfully replicate this strategy for 4 clients, where acquiring a critical piece of subscriber data at the point of signup determines their onboarding journey.

Discover how May the growth be with You can help you fully leverage the power of Omnisend. Click here to visit May the Growth be with You.

Personalizing Welcome emails with zero-party data

Unlike third-party data obtained indirectly, zero-party data is information that customers willingly share with a brand during the signup process. This can include preferences, interests, and specific needs, such as:

  • The taste profile of subscribers to a flavored gin retailer
  • The breed of dog owned by subscribers to a pet retailer
  • The electric vehicle model owned by subscribers to an EV cable charging retailer

The possibilities are as diverse as the brands themselves. In order to gather zero-party data, ‘May the Growth be with You’ implements custom fields in popover sign-up forms to collect the information without adding friction to the sign-up process.

After acquiring the data, ‘May the Growth be with You’ integrates it into their Welcome automations, tailoring their emails to each subscriber’s interests and preferences. This means that instead of a generic welcome message, new subscribers receive content that speaks directly to them.

How does this translate into sales? By offering relevant content and products, the Welcome automations encourage subscribers to make a purchase aligned with their interests. Special offers and time-sensitive discounts, tailored to the zero-party data, add an additional layer of incentive, tripling the click rates and increasing the conversion rates of Welcome emails by as much as 50% for the agency’s clients.


To follow the same strategy that ‘May the Growth be with You’ used, do the following:

1. Identify what zero-party data you need

Think about what specific information about your subscribers will help you talk to them more personally. This could be their favorite products, hobbies, or interests.

For ‘May the Growth be with You’, the key subscriber data was the subscribers’ top two favorite celebrities.

2. Create a sign-up form

Make a new signup form that asks for your customers’ email, first name, and the zero-party data you identified earlier. Keep it simple so they can fill it out quickly.

‘May the Growth be with You’ gathered this data using Omnisend’s popover form that lets you add custom fields. The form included two free form fields where we prompted the subscriber to confirm their two favorite celebrities.

3. Design the Welcome automation

This is how you’ll send personalized emails based on the information you collected via the signup form. If you know their favorite celebrity, you can create content about that celebrity, for example.

Depending on the zero-party data you collected, this automation should have different variations.

‘May the Growth be with You’ used the favorite celebrity (Harry Styles) as their data point, against which the agency developed subscriber-specific content:

4. Include at least 3 emails in the workflow

These emails should include both pictures and text that connect to the zero-party data. If you know their favorite dog breed, you could include pictures of that breed, for example.

5. Link to relevant products

Inside the welcome emails, add links that take them to products related to the zero-party data. Avoid sending them to general pages like the home page.

For ‘May the Growth be with You,’ the Welcome email landed subscribers to their favorite celebrity magazine collection.

6. Include a special offer

The special offer should match the zero-party data. If they love a certain type of product, you can give them a discount, offer a bundle, or grant access to limited-edition merchandise.

Tips from the agency

To make their campaigns really sell, ‘May the Growth be with You’ follows key principles from the get-go.

Here are a few tips to help you set things up right from the start:

  • Study the fundamentals. Start with basic segmentation strategies and build on that. Your customer’s previous behavior, along with the information they willingly share (zero-party data), is a strong clue to what they might do in the future.
  • Keep it current. Customer data changes quickly, so use it while it’s fresh. Real-time data can help you create campaigns that are relevant right now.
  • Think beyond the discount. Email marketing often focuses on discounts and special offers, but that’s not all it can do. Judge your success on how often you sell products at full price too. Your clients may appreciate this more balanced approach.
  • Don’t overcomplicate. Be mindful not to add too much friction to the sign-up process when collecting this data. Keep it simple, so it’s easy for them to share.

Who can use this strategy?

The zero-party data strategy employed by ‘May the Growth be with You’ is not exclusive to any specific industry or brand size. It’s a versatile tool that can be adapted by various ecommerce businesses, from emerging startups to established enterprises.

Here’s a closer look at who can benefit from this approach:

  • Businesses looking to increase first purchase conversion. If your goal is to turn site visitors into subscribers and then into buyers, this strategy’s focus on collecting critical zero-party data at sign-up can help you onboard customers more effectively and encourage initial purchases.
  • Brands aiming for full-price sales. By moving beyond mere discounting and focusing on data-based audience segmentation, this method can drive full-price sales through more relevant and compelling offers.
  • Marketers focused on responsiveness and relevance. If you aim to craft campaigns that resonate with your audience segments at the right time and with the right product, using zero-party data can help you act swiftly and align your messaging with current customer interests.

About ‘May the Growth be with You’

Founded on May 4th, 2021, this agency might be young, but it carries over 20 years of experience in email marketing. The founder David Bradbury began his marketing journey all the way back in 2000, and now drives innovative strategies for ecommerce businesses.

The agency believes in the power of zero and first-party data, using real-time insights to craft highly relevant campaigns. Moving beyond mere discounts and sales, they take pride in selling full-price products and creating messages that resonate with their audience.

‘May the Growth be with You’ brings a fresh, responsive, and data-driven approach to digital marketing. Whether you’re an ecommerce store owner or an enterprise-level organization, they offer a unique blend of technical know-how and creative flair that adapts to the unique needs and goals of each client.

Discover how May the growth be with You can help you fully leverage the power of Omnisend. Click here to visit May the Growth be with You.