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Responsive Emails

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Why are Responsive Emails important?
53% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. This means that more than half of your subscribers will either not be able to view your email properly or that the button to your store will be so small that they will close your message without thinking twice. To prevent this, sending Responsive Emails is a must.
How do they work?
Responsive Email design involves reordering some elements and fitting the content to any device screen you are viewing it with. Responsive design adapts itself to look as good on wide PC screens as it does on your mobile device. Moreover, it offers the same functionality. Email fonts, buttons and images are kept to a convenient size for viewing as well as clicking on.
What are the benefits?
  • Your Responsive Email looks good and up-to-date on the screens of mobile devices.
  • You will not lose your subscribers just because they cannot read your email. All the buttons leading to your store are big enough so that your customer can see them and click on them.
How should I make it responsive?
You do not have to do anything specific. Soundest takes care of how good your email appears on mobile devices. All email templates on Soundest are responsive and carefully tested to be working on all devices and major email apps.