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Grow your SMS list quickly and easily with Text to Join

Text to Join allows your audience to sign up for your SMS marketing list by simply texting “Join” to a dedicated number, absolutely for free.
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At this point, I can’t imagine a world without SMS marketing. It’s really taken off. Our SMS subscribers are growing much faster than email subscribers. Over the first year, SMS campaigns drove $123,000 in sales.

Rob Lin, CEO

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Collect SMS subscribers without the forms

There’s no need to send your audience to a page and have them fill in their details with signup forms. This can turn some people off, making it harder for you to stay in touch with your audience. Bypass that by simply asking your audience to text the word “join” to your number.

Get your number for free

If you’re using Omnisend, you can get your Text to Join number completely for free. No cost to you. Nada. Not a single cent. By the way, every single Omnisend plan has free SMS credits, so you can already start testing out your Text to Join campaigns.
I started SMS several months ago just to kind of test it out. The ROI on it has just been absolutely insane. So we will continue to do it for our customer base.

Allison Caufield, Senior Marketing Manager

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Add SMS to your marketing toolbox

Getting started with SMS & MMS is easy. You can make SMS part of your abandoned cart flow to catch that sale faster, send important shipping information and know that they read it, and so much more. Take the extra step and use MMS to add images and GIFs to build your brand and delight your audience.

Get SMS, email, push & much more

Omnisend has everything growing ecommerce businesses need to get customers and increase sales. That means you get an all-in-one marketing solution that includes email, push notifications, SMS, Facebook and Google sync, and much more.
Start collecting & nurturing customers
Collect, convert and keep your customers with Omnisend’s all-in-one SMS & email marketing solution.