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Mailchimp Feature Requests

Many of you have made the switch from Mailchimp to Omnisend in the past few weeks, and we anticipate many more coming before the end of Shopify’s integration with Mailchimp. We’ve been receiving quite a few feature requests since then, and we want you to know that we hear you.

This is why we’re publicly committing to adding these new features before May 14th. You asked, we’re delivering. Here’s what we’re adding:

Easy migration from Mailchimp to Omnisend

  • Import of Mailchimp HTML templates. (done)

We’ll offer the option to export email and custom HTML templates from Mailchimp and import them to Omnisend

  • Import of contact language data. (done)

We’ll add contact language property to all contacts and import these fields from Mailchimp for the user to be able to segment customers based on their language for better targeting

Additions to campaigns and automation

  • Copying of templates between accounts (done)

We’ll add the option to copy saved templates from one Omnisend account to other linked accounts

  • Auto-posting of sent campaign to Facebook (done)

We’ll create the possibility of posting a short text and image of your campaign to Facebook and other social accounts

  • Segment filters in automation. (done)

We’ll offer the option to filter who will be receiving automation emails based on segments, i.e. send emails from one cart abandonment workflow to users from VIP segment only and emails from another workflow to new customers only.

  • Multi language automation workflows. (done)

Option to set up different language automation workflows in the same account based on contact’s language

Native integration with 3rd party apps

You ask, and we deliver. We’ll be prioritizing integration with your most-requested third-party apps. Check out what we’re bringing below:

  • Smile.io (done)
  • AfterShip (done)
  • ShipStation (done)
  • Gorgias (done)
  • LoyaltyLion (done)
  • ReCharge (done)
  • Yotpo (done)
  • CartHook (done)

Account management

  • Single Omnisend account for multiple linked stores. (done)

We’ll create centralized user management and billing for multiple stores linked to Omnisend.