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Welcome Series

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What is Welcome Series?
74.4% of new customers expect your reaction when they subscribe. A welcome series of three emails in a row helps to introduce you to your new customers, and encourages them to buy within a targeted period of time. Welcome emails are sent automatically and can be arranged via Soundest.
How does it work?
Once a website visitor signs up to your newsletter, the trigger for welcome emails is activated. Three emails go at this cadence: the first email is sent immediately after sign-up, the second after two days, and the last after six days. If the customer makes a purchase from the first email, the series stops.
New subscriber
signs up
Email No. 1 is sent
immediately after sign-up
Email No. 2 is sent
2 days after sign-up
Email No. 3 is sent
6 days after sign-up
What are the benefits?
  • With welcome emails you confirm a new connection as well as consolidate your online store's credibility.
  • It is the best way to personally introduce the new subscriber to your brand and product categories, and also the benefits of belonging to your brand community and buying from you.
  • Being relevant and delivering the right message at the right time usually results in purchases. Welcome emails are great icebreakers for the first deal.
How can I achieve better results?
Soundest's experience has shown that the series of welcome emails are up to 35% more effective than sending a single welcome email.

Add all the necessary information your customer should know about your brand. Include positive reviews and quotes. Invite customers to connect on social media. Consider offering your new subscribers a discount as an extra incentive to start shopping.