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What's next?

We’re always excited to incorporate your feedback into our upcoming features. This year it’s all about helping our merchants get the most out of omnichannel by developing more advanced features in new channels for you to create a better customer experience, providing new themed templates for easy email creation, and delivering better data and analytics so you can make better marketing decisions. Check out all product updates we have planned for 2019.

1st quarter

Themed Templates

Save time by sending campaigns with pre-built email templates designed for your business needs. A professional looking email in a few clicks.

Central Information Hub

A central hub for all business data: logos, social links, addresses, or any other relevant information. Simply change it in the hub and it will automatically change across all messages. Later on, signup forms and landing pages will be supported as well.

Sales Tracking In All Channels

Track your sales performance across all of the channels. Understand what channel works best for your customers.

2nd quarter

User Right Management

Assign different rights for marketing team members. Differentiate what information might be visible and empower the right person for your account.

Advanced Automation

Design the most sophisticated marketing campaigns with advanced automation logic including Yes / No splits, automation based on subscriber’s activity: adding/removing tags, unsubscribing users and similar. Use the automation based on your subscriber's behaviour for any of your business needs.

Subscriber Preference Center

Communicate with your customer’s in their preferred way. Let them choose how they want to be approached and build long-lasting relationships.

3rd quarter

Profile: Personal Message And Action History

See all campaigns that have been sent to the subscriber during the specific timeframe. Clearly identify if the subscriber has not missed any important updates.

Web Behaviour Data In Segments

Take your segmentation to the next level. Create segments based on a user’s website behaviour and reach your audience with even more targeted messages.

Dynamic Content In Messages

Increase campaign engagement by personalizing messages in all channels. Create dynamic content based on the user’s data.

4th quarter

Transfer Of Assets

Managing several accounts with Omnisend? Save time and easily transfer your campaigns assets (email templates, segment rules & workflows) between accounts if necessary.

Message Limit Management Per Recipient

Manage single user communication frequency. Make sure the user is not flooded with too many messages from several active automations.

AI Based Product Recommender

Increase your revenue by recommending product based on user behaviour and predicted by specifically designed AI algorithm.

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