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We’re always excited to incorporate your feedback into our upcoming features. This year it’s all about helping our merchants get the most out of omnichannel marketing automation. Check out everything we have planned for 2018.

1st quarter

Automated Order Updates

Send timely order updates to your customers without moving a finger. Let them know when their order is shipped or cancelled as it happens.

Insighful Website Tracking

Ever wondered what your visitors are doing before they make a purchase? See how your visitors are navigating the store and get to know their shopping intentions based on facts, not intuition.

Browse Abandonment Emails

Engage subscribers who have browsed products on your store and then left without adding any items to their cart. Reactivate those shoppers with automated emails and encourage repeat visits.

2nd quarter

GDPR-Ready Updates

Meet the upcoming GDPR regulation with no fear. We’re updating our platform so your business complies with the new Data Privacy regulation. That way, your customers can take greater control of how their personal data is handled.

Compelling Text Messaging

Reach your customers by sending targeted SMS messages. Empower your marketing campaigns with a sense of urgency for better communication.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Make your Facebook advertising easier. Make use of your Omnisend customer data and import it as Facebook Custom Audience in seconds.

3rd quarter

Engaging Signup Forms

Grow your subscriber list even more—try our new engaging designs for forms that specifically designed for a higher subscription rate.

Precise Retargeting

Show highly personalized ads to your shoppers using criteria based on Omnisend data. Increase conversions with accurate retargeting across ads networks.

Timely Feedback Requests

Know the perfect timing to ask your buyers for a product review or NPS evaluation. Accelerate the rate at which you collect feedback.

4th quarter

Instant Messaging

Interact where your audience likes to hang out—reach them on instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber or WhatsApp.

Actionable Reports

Track anything from online store visits to your best customers, see each marketing channel’s performance, and much more. Turn insights into smarter business decisions and sell more.

Real-time Push Notifications

Add yet another communication channel to your arsenal. Send relevant push messages to your visitors while they’re browsing your store. Boost your engagement rate without asking for their email address.

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