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► To get all the features that Omnisend gives, Mailchimp costs more
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Better prices, <br>more possibilities

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Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data if you decide to switch. We’ve got a free migration tool that will import all your contacts, orders, products, carts, and more.

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Easily migrate <b>everything</b>

"We jumped on the Mailchimp bandwagon before finding Omnisend. Mailchimp was fine, but now that we know what Omnisend can do, we realized what we were missing. We also didn’t have the customer service aspect with Mailchimp that we get with Omnisend."

Craig Hastings,

Culinary Director at Baking Steel

“In July, back when we were still using Mailchimp, it seemed that our emails were ending up in the spam folder. It was only months later that we actually noticed it, once we saw that our revenue was going down. After we fixed the deliverability issues [with Omnisend], our revenue doubled, at least, compared to our last few months on Mailchimp.”

Tomas Šimkus,

Founder of 123Presets

“Mailchimp and other platforms, like Klaviyo, also have the opportunities to build templates using blocks. But after some research, Omnisend scored highest. The template building was a big part of why we chose Omnisend.”

Frithjof Solheim,

Ecommerce Responsible at Amundsen Sports

“We were previously at Mailchimp. But we weren’t really satisfied there, and that's why started looking around for other providers. Klaviyo was also in the running at the time, but we decided on Omnisend because we were, and still are, very convinced of Omnisend’s strong connection to Shopify.”

Moritz Kruse,

Head of Email Marketing at Reternity


Reach more customers with SMS

Simply put: you can’t do SMS marketing with Mailchimp. If you want to use SMS marketing with Mailchimp, you’ll have to pay for another tool. So, in this case, you'd benefit from exploring Mailchimp alternatives that integrate SMS marketing directly, saving both time and money.

Omnisend helps you reach your customers on SMS (and push notifications too), getting your message across in better ways. Even better? You get free monthly SMS on the Pro plan.

Reach more customers with SMS

Build better emails,

Make sure your emails and popups are always on brand. We’ll automatically import your logo, fonts and colors from your store and apply them in no time.

And when you mix that with our large library of ready-made, easy-to-customize templates for emails and signup forms, you’ll spend less time to sell more stuff.

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When you switch to Omnisend, we’ll be behind you the entire way. That’s because our award-winning customer support is available to everyone, at any time of the day, on any day of the year.

And we’re fast (we answer in under 5 minutes). You’ll get 24/7/365 email & live chat support forever, even if you’re on our free plan.

Non-stop support for all

Native integrations for ecommerce

When you switch to Omnisend, you can take your entire tech stack with you. We’re not just talking about native connections with Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

All your favorite ecommerce tools already integrate with Omnisend, like Gorgias, Okendo, Yotpo, ShipBob, and more.

Native integrations for ecommerce

See how Omnisend compares

Omnisend gives you more features and services for much better pricing, including:

Customer Success Manager threshold
About $3500/month (from 500k contacts)
24/7 live chat & email support
Free for all
Only paying customers
SMS marketing
Push notifications
All features on Free plan
List Cleaning Tool

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  • Easy-to-use Mailchimp migration tool
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