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Your customers expect a personal message, so use our powerful marketing automation platform to be relevant. Make use of smart triggers and automate your communication based on your customer's journey. Omnisend offers pre-built marketing automation workflows that are based on eCommerce best practices taken from our customers of all sizes. Reach your customers with the right message at just the right moment and generate more sales.

Give a warm welcome

The way you start building a relationship with your customers is very important. That’s why welcoming them after they subscribe to your newsletter can be a good start to a great relationship. You can also set up different welcome workflows to your subscribers based on the signup form they used to subscribe. Set up your Welcome automation workflow and make use of this opportunity to speed up the conversion from a subscriber to buyer. Add some incentives like free shipping or a discount and enjoy a first purchase sooner than you ever expected.

Win back your indecisive customer

It's no surprise for any merchant that customers can be very indecisive, and cart abandonment is one of the main issues for ecommerce business. Use our Cart Recovery automation workflow and make sure that no one is left behind. We not only catch the regular abandoned carts but also use the cookies in the customer’s browser as an additional source for cart abandonment information. This helps to identify many more indecisive customers—even if they haven't reached checkout.

Engage after a purchase is done

Once your open rates are increasing, there's another headache for every merchant—how to make your customers click. We offer an entertaining solution: the click-through-rate boosting elements that are available for all your campaigns, Scratch Card and Gift Box. They both work as an additional interactive element in your newsletters to encourage your customers to get engaged quickly. Use them as a lottery technique for your giveaways or discounts to help boost your sales.

Nurture your relationship

We make it easy to encourage your customers to make the first or second order with a discount. After you connect your store to Omnisend, just drag and drop the Discount Content Block and select the type of discount. Design it according to your email layout, and set up the rules for the discount. Omnisend will take care of of everything else. Having a unique discount code for every customer ensures that a code can be used only once.

Smart Send Solution

Merchants always struggle with deciding how many emails they should include in their automation workflows—it's always a dilemma of being respectful to your customers and getting much better results. No compromises are needed with our Smart Send Solution which ensures that automated emails are sent only to those who haven't made a purchase yet. For example, before sending another Cart Recovery email in your workflow sequence, we always check whether the customer has already made an order. This way, you can add as many emails to your workflow as you want and be sure that no irrelevant messages will be sent to customers who’ve already made a purchase.

Custom events for growing business

The presets for automation workflows are nice but we know that when your business grows you have more specific and custom needs. Whether it's something related with your loyalty programme, customers behaviour on your online store or some specific information about your customer - everything is possible with custom events functionality. Send automated emails triggered by a custom event whenever it's most relevant for your business.

Connect your favorite platform

Connect your store—whether it’s on Shopify, BigCommerce, or many other platforms—with Omnisend and use our flexible automation to send out emails to your subscribers at just the right time.

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