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Explore the real power of
omnichannel automation

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Drive sales on autopilot with easy-to-use, omnichannel marketing automation by Omnisend. Reach your customers via email, SMS and more channels using a single automation tool and build long-lasting relationships by sending personalized, relevant messages. Start within minutes.

Combine multiple channels using a single platform

Provide your customers with a personalized experience by reaching them on their preferred channels, all while using a single tool. Omnisend enables high-growth ecommerce brands to combine email, SMS, push notifications and even Messenger into their automation workflows so they can drive more sales by staying ever-present and relevant.

Save time with pre-built workflows

With pre-built automation workflows ready in your account, it takes only minutes to launch your cart abandonment or welcome series and start driving orders on autopilot. Need to make adjustments or have a custom workflow in mind? Our intuitive, easy-to-use Automation Editor lets you map out & personalize any customer journey that meets your specific business goals.

  • Welcome your new subscribers and convert them into buyers with ready-made sets of friendly emails.
  • Reach out to shoppers who have viewed products but left your online store without making a purchase.
  • Recover more abandoned carts by utilizing pre-built series with automated email & SMS messages.
  • Send an order confirmation SMS or an email with a purchase receipt to your customers right after they make a purchase.
  • Shipping Confirmation
    Give your customers a smile by letting them know their order is on its way.
  • Drive more sales by suggesting more recommended products based on your customers' previous orders.

Tailor your messaging to boost your bottom-line

Using our Automation Splits, you can tailor your offers & reactivation incentives and use them for different, personalized messaging paths within a single workflow. Think higher discounts for higher-value cart abandoners or special messaging to your first-time buyers - all being easily set up for maximum engagement.

Not sure how high of a discount to give? Test it! You can use A/B split testing to check which content, channel, incentive, or subject line drives you most conversions - the sky’s the limit for your imagination here!

Leverage your integrations data

With 30+ available ecommerce app integrations, Omnisend enables you to easily leverage your 3rd party data to expand the scope of your personalized messaging. Get creative and easily create custom workflows utilizing custom events and the data from your loyalty & reward programs, help desks, review programs, shipment tracking services and more - all while using the same Automation Editor.

Track real-time performance across the board

Seeing the big picture is just as important as understanding the details. With Omnisend's reporting, you get a comprehensive overview of the performance of your automations. From revenue-generated to key engagement metrics, you can always keep track how you’re doing and see which workflows are working best. You can also deep-dive into stand-alone reports for each series and learn exactly how each message and channel is performing, as well as what needs improvement to drive better bottom-line results.

Everything you need to
personalize your marketing

Choose from multiple channels and build automated workflows in minutes using our robust automation features.

Automation Splits

Personalize your messaging across different paths within a single workflow using Automation Splits.

A/B Split Testing

Make your workflows more relevant by testing different channels, messages, subject lines, and more.

Conditional Content Blocks

Easily tailor your messages to multiple audiences by adding conditional content into automated emails.

Built-in Message Reports

Keep track of & adjust your workflow performance with built-in message reports available within the Automation Editor.

Contact Tagging

Get one step deeper into personalization by using tags to label your contacts at any step of your workflow and adjust their further engagement.

Custom Frequency Settings

Don’t worry about sending too many messages to your audience - set custom frequency filters for each of your workflows

Explore the power of omnichannel automation
Spend less time managing multiple, complex automation platforms, and more time building personalized, omnichannel, revenue-driving experiences for your customers.