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Omnisend offers more features than Klaviyo, and is cheaper for smaller and larger merchants. If you have 1,500 contacts, you can send 18,000 emails for just $25/month with Omnisend. On Klaviyo, you’d have to pay $20 more just to send 3,000 fewer emails.

For 90,000 contacts, you’d be paying only $1,218/month with unlimited emails and 80k free SMS on Omnisend. If you’re on Klaviyo, that’ll cost you $400 more and you’ll have limits on your emails.

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Pay less for<br>better features

available 24/7

Omnisend’s customer support has an average response time of under 5 minutes—no matter the day or time of year. That’s because we have more support agents during peak periods like Black Friday.

Starting in 2023, Free users on Klaviyo no longer have unlimited access to email support. Klaviyo’s customer support takes time off during peak periods, and in previous years they were closed during the BFCM weekend.

Faster<br>support,<br>available 24/7

Omnisend’s customer service is so much better than Klaviyo, with faster and more attentive responses, while Klaviyo takes forever to get in touch with and they try to get rid of you ASAP.

Marcin Bielen

President of INGLOT Cosmetics Canada


All your stores
under one account

With Omnisend, you can have multiple stores under just one account, and easily switch between stores. That means no logging in or out, or duplicating work across accounts.

Klaviyo doesn't allow that. With Klaviyo, you'll have to create a separate account for each store.

All your stores<br>under one account

SMS for a
global audience

With Omnisend, you get international SMS to reach your audience in any country, plus you can roll over unused SMS credits to the next month. You can also get separate monthly SMS plans to pay only for what you use.

Klaviyo limits their SMS to just 7 countries, so you can't reach customers in other countries. Klaviyo’s SMS credits also don’t roll over, and since you’re paying more for fewer SMS, you lose on both sides.

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Customer Success Manager

CSMs (that you’ll actually meet)

With Omnisend, you’ll have unlimited access to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Any brand that pays at least $400 gets their own CSM who provides regular business reviews and reports to help you improve consistently.

That’s not the case with Klaviyo. You’ll need to pay at least $2,000 to get your own CSM. Even then, you’re limited to only two meetings per quarter, which is simply not enough to get the help you need.

Dedicated<br>CSMs (that you’ll actually meet)

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Omnisend gives you more features and services for much better pricing, including:

Customer Success Manager threshold
Support response times
Less than 4 minutes
Aim to respond to technical inquiries in 1 business day
Global SMS capability
Push notifications
List Cleaning Tool
Automatically add branding to new emails

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