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Omnichannel marketing automation for Shopify Plus

Integrate your Shopify Plus store with Omnisend to build personalized customer experiences and grow your business. Engage your contacts with targeted email newsletters & SMS campaigns and drive more revenue with our powerful automation features designed for e-commerce.

Single-click installation

Simply download the Omnisend app and we’ll automatically sync your contact & order information.

Easy to use

Our pre-built automation workflows, beautiful email templates and drag & drop content editor make it simple for you to get up and running.

Integrated with Shopify Flow

Sync & personalize your messaging based on your customer behavior throughout all Shopify Flow supported apps.

Personalized, omnichannel automation

Get real with omnichannel marketing: combine email with SMS and other channels to drive 2.9x more conversions without the need to integrate multiple apps. Our most-popular automation workflows including email & SMS channels have been pre-built so you can set up cart abandonment, welcome, order & shipping confirmation and more workflows to go live in minutes.

Advanced email marketing feature set

Save time designing email campaigns without having to compromise on the look or impact. Busy marketers-beloved features like the integrated Product Picker and the drag & drop content editor make creating a campaign a breeze, while the ability to A/B test the subject lines and add dynamic coupon codes are there to help you increase the campaigns’ effectiveness.

Smart audience segmentation

VIP shoppers, first-time buyers, customers with upcoming birthdays or dormant contacts… get ready to go personal with each of your unique customer segments using our advanced segmentation features. Send the right message to the right person, always.

Actionable reports for data-driven actions

With our actionable reports, you can always keep an eye on how your automations & campaigns are performing and most importantly – how many sales are they driving. You can compare your performance daily, weekly, or monthly and improve your actions by learning which content received the highest engagement and which specific setups achieved the highest conversions to purchase.

By far the most effective email marketing platform and light years ahead of our old one. I am so impressed by its ease of use, beautiful templates and the greater increase in customer responses and purchases. They also have a wonderfully responsive support team. I am thrilled to have such an impressive and stellar email marketing platform. Look no further because, with Omnisend, you have arrived.

Shopify Reviews / October 26, 2019

Full-suite marketing platform
for Shopify Plus stores

  • Real-time data sync
    Start activating your customers without any delay - Omnisend instantly syncs all the data from your Shopify Plus store.
  • Pre-built automation templates
    Save time with pre-built workflows for cart recovery, welcome series, order & shipping confirmation and more trigger-based sequences.
  • Email newsletters
    Engage your subscribers with targeted, easy-to-build email campaigns that include a variety of CTR-boosters.
  • SMS marketing
    Try SMS channel for segmented, one-off campaigns or integrate it with more channels in your automation workflows.
  • List building forms
    From pop-up boxes to gamified forms, you can use Omnisend to seamlessly collect email addresses as well as phone numbers.
  • Drag & drop content editor
    Make email creation a breeze with our easy-to-use, customer-beloved content editor.
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