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Branding is crucial for building trust with your audience—and our new Brand Assets feature makes it much easier to get your branding right.
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Inserting a GIF into an email adds a visually dynamic element to increase engagement and branding. Get the best practices and real-world examples.
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The ultimate guide to writing win-back email
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Google Ads vs email marketing: Why not join forces?
When looking at Google Ads vs email marketing, why not join forces and use both to help you attract and convert more visitors.
How to use targeted email marketing for ecommerce
Targeted email marketing is used to make sure your email campaigns are always relevant all the time. Here's how you can use it today.
The 9 best WooCommerce email marketing plugins in 2022
If you're on WordPress, these top 9 WooCommerce email marketing plugins will help you grow your email list, market to them, and sell more.
Pricing strategy guide: How to set the best prices for your ecommerce store in 2022
An ecommerce pricing strategy is more than just a number—it's a marketing strategy that will make your products more attractive. Examples + Tips.
How to use emojis in subject lines [updated for 2022]
Emojis for email: before using emojis, you should check out this guide! Best practices for emoji icons and symbols in email subject lines
7 tips on how to create a captivating product review email [+examples]
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Conversational commerce: What it is and how to use it (+4 examples)
Conversational commerce helps ecommerce businesses talk to their customers while they're shopping. Find the best examples and techniques for your business.
Top 10 best Shopify print-on-demand apps to use in 2022
Looking for great print-on-demand apps that give you high margins and wide product range? Here are ten of the best POD apps to try in 2022.
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