Get Ready for iOS 15 with Omnisend’s New Features
Get Ready for iOS 15 with Omnisend’s New Features
Omnisend is introducing a slew of new features to help retailers navigate Apple's biggest change in the iOS 15 update - the skewing of open rate data.
Behind Omnisend’s First Video Campaign: Small Business Stories. Literally.
Behind Omnisend’s First Video Campaign: Small Business Stories. Literally.
Omnisend's first video campaign is laser-focused on small businesses struggling to grow with their limited spaces and limited tools. Watch it now
How to Brand Your Customer Journey
Your entire customer journey benefits from your own unique brand. We explore how to enrich your customer journey with brand voice examples.
How Amazon Attribution Can Help You Acquire New Customers
We show how using Omnisend, advertising and Amazon Attribution can help acquire new customers efficiently and keep costs to a minimum.
Growing Brands: How to Thrive From Humble Beginnings
Katheriin Liibert explores growing brands, self-improvement, and how to tackle problems affecting everyone in the world of ecommerce.
Adaptability in Ecommerce: The Essential Lessons to Learn
Mike Jackness explains adapability in ecommerce, exploring how businesses and merchants can navigate and overcome common ecommerce mistakes.
Preparing for a post iOS 15 BFCM
Your Post-iOS 15 Black Friday Plan for Success
Just because iOS 15 will make open rates unreliable, that doesn't mean your BFCM plans are ruined. Find out how to prepare for BFCM in a post-IOS 15 world.
Cyber 10: What You Need to Know (& How to Maximize Sales During Them)
The Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend is now a 10-day period known as Cyber 10. We explore marketing tactics to reach shoppers and increase your revenue.
Audience Intelligence: How it Future-Proofs Your Ecommerce Store
Phil Irvine explains how audience intelligence helps businesses through difficult periods and create marketing strategies that are future-proof.
Ecommerce Growth-Hacking With Data-Driven Decisions
Ecommerce data drives business decisions for online retailers. We explore types of analytics and how to create a growth-focused marketing strategy.
How to Maximize Sales during Black Friday Weekend (Cyber 5)
How to Maximize Sales During the Black Friday Weekend (Cyber 5)
This Black Friday Weekend, also known as Cyber 5, make sure you've got the right marketing strategy in place to skyrocket your sales.
Omnichannel Retailing: Risks, Rewards, & Opportunities
How can omnichannel retailing preserve your marketing strategy through industry disruption? Chris Walton, retail veteran, has the answers.
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