Omnisend's partner program
Introducing Omnisend’s All-New Partner Program
Introducing Omnisend's new Partner Program, designed to empower you to empower your ecommerce clients. Check out how you can increase revenue, not workload.
7 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making (& How to Avoid Them)
Email marketing mistakes are an unfortunate part of learning email marketing—but they're avoidable. Here's the top email mistakes, and how to avoid them.
ecommerce hacks
How These Powerful Ecommerce Hacks Will Supercharge Your Sales
Starting an ecommerce business can be overwhelming in the beginning. Here is a list of ecommerce hacks that you should know about to boost your revenue.
The Top 7 Food Ecommerce Trends (and What to Learn From Them) in 2021
Customers have come to rely on online shopping—and those in food ecommerce are embracing new trends to keep up. We explore & explain these trends.
What is BOPIS? The Complete Guide to Buy Online Pick Up In Store
Ecommerce and retail are going through major changes now and in the years to come. Here is a guide about BOPIS which refers to buy online pick up in store as a new tendency.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Discounts
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Discounts
What are the advantages and disadvantages of discounts? We explore what to consider with offering discounts online—or if you should offer them at all.
influencer marketing
Influencer Marketing Basics: Using Social Stars for Your Ecommerce Marketing
Influencer marketing is a very powerful social media marketing tactic to increase your ecommerce brand awareness. Here is a full guide with most successful examples.
The Ultimate Guide to Discount Pricing Strategies
The Ultimate Guide to Discount Pricing Strategies
How should you use discount pricing strategies? Should your online store use them at all? We explore different types of discount pricing, with examples.
trends in Jewelry ecommerce
What’s Hot in Jewelry Ecommerce Marketing
If you are starting a jewelry ecommerce business, this guide will help you discover the newest trends for your business to succeed.
ecommerce advertising blog cover
The 6 Best Ecommerce Advertising Strategies for 2021
Ecommerce advertising covers several channels and strategies. Here's how to do it effectively, plus six clear strategies for your online store.
marketing ideas clothing brands
6 Super Ideas to Market Your Clothing Brand
Starting a clothing ecommerce business can be hard due to the very competitive market. Here are the best clothing brand marketing ideas.
cause marketing
How to Do Better & Be Better with Cause Marketing
Cause marketing is marketing that seeks to both increase profits and to better society. Here is a complete guideline concerning this marketing approach.
Omnisend and Ontraport: A Feature-by-Feature Comparison
Omnisend and Ontraport: which is the better ESP for your ecommerce business? Check out this feature-by-feature comparison to make the best decision.
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