iOS 15 Email Marketing Opens Are Dead
iOS 15’s Impact on Email Marketing: A Letter From Omnisend
iOS 15 will end the era of the email marketing open rate. See how Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris views the future of ecommerce marketing now that opens are dead.
Omnisend vs Listrak: A Feature-by-Feature Comparison
Your ideal ecommerce marketing platform can be hard to find. To explore your options, we examine Omnisend vs Listrak and explore who each tool is built for.
Flash Sales
Flash Sales: Should You Use Them? (& How to Do Them Right)
How do you run a flash sale? There are plenty of things to consider when planning a flash sale. We explore flash sales and how to run them.
Ultimate guide to cookieless tracking
The Ultimate Guide to Cookieless Tracking
Cookieless tracking is now a trend that every marketer needs to use in the future. Here is a detailed guide for cookieless tracking for ecommerce.
6 Ways to Get Ready for Holiday Marketing This Summer [+Infographic]
Your best shot at snagging holiday shoppers requires action now. Get things rolling with these six holiday marketing strategies.
Track and Optimize Email Campaign Conversions for Your Amazon Store
Omnisend's new Amazon Advertising integration means Amazon sellers can now track their email marketing campaign performance in their Amazon dashboards.
Top Shopify Stores
The Top Shopify Stores (and What Made Them Choose Shopify)
Shopify serves as one of the greatest platforms for selling online. We explore the top Shopify stores, per industry, and see what makes them so successful.
VIP customers blog cover
How to Identify (and Keep) Your VIP Customers
Who are your VIP customers? No matter what you sell, you have a VIP customer segment. Here's how to identify and keep them long term.
Why Your Business Should Be Thinking About and Acting Sustainably
More consumers are seeking brands committed to sustainability. We examine benefits of eco-friendly practices and ways to make your brand more sustainable.
Limited-Time Offer
How to Use Limited-Time Offers
Limited-time offer marketing comes in many forms, each with pros & cons. We look at limited-time offer examples and how they increase sales for stores.
Experts: iOS 15 Is a “Wake Up Call for Email Marketers”
Experts: iOS 15 Is a “Wake Up Call for Email Marketers”
Email marketing experts from Litmus and Common Thread Collective talk iOS 15 updates, pivots, opportunities, and even more privacy changes in the future.
How to Adapt to the iOS 15 Updates Affecting Email Marketing
How to Adapt to the iOS 15 Updates Affecting Email Marketing
The new iOS 15 updates will impact email marketing as users will be able to stop open tracking. Find out what you can do to adapt to these changes now.
Guide to ecommerce personalization
How Ecommerce Personalization Can Increase Customer Loyalty and Boost Sales
Personalization across different marketing channels is essential for your ecommerce business growth. Here is a full guide for ecommerce personalization.
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