iOS 15 Email Marketing Opens Are Dead
iOS 15’s Impact on Email Marketing: A Letter From Omnisend
iOS 15 will end the era of the email marketing open rate. See how Omnisend CEO Rytis Lauris views the future of ecommerce marketing now that opens are dead.
The iOS 15 Beta Walkthrough
The iOS 15 Beta Walkthrough for Email Marketers
Want to know what iOS 15 will bring? Check out our screen-by-screen walkthrough as we focus on the features most likely to impact email marketers
How to Turn One-Time Shoppers into Subscription Customers
Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of an ecommerce subscription service. But how can you move one-time buyers into lifelong customers?
The Most Important iOS 15 FAQs for Email Marketers
Apple's upcoming iOS 15 update have a lot of marketers confused, with email open rates being killed off. Get the answers to the most important iOS 15 FAQs.
Opens Are Dead: Here Are the Metrics That Matter
Opens Are Dead: Here Are the Metrics That Matter
With the iOS 15 update, open rates will be history. Considering this, we look at what remaining metrics matter for ecommerce marketing, and how to use them.
Start Getting Your Automations Ready for the iOS15 Update
Start Getting Your Automations Ready for the iOS 15 Update
Find out what you need to do today to prepare your automation workflows for the upcoming iOS update that will eliminate open rate data.
Why You Need RFM in the iOS 15 World
With the new Apple iOS 15 update, marketers will have to give up the open rate as one of their measures. Instead, we encourage ecommerce marketers to adopt the RFM model.
How Customer Lifecycle Marketing Breathes Life into Ecommerce Retention
Customer lifecycle marketing can revitalize your marketing. We explore how Omnisend helps merchants, with high-impact lifecycle marketing tactics examples.
Introducing Customer Intelligence –
Uncover High-impact Targeting
A 5% increase in retention can increase profits from 25-95%. We explore how Customer Intelligence tools help uncover targeting opportunities with the highest impact for ecommerce.
How NFTs Can Fight Fraud and Increase Customer Loyalty
NFTs go beyond digital artworks. Find out how NFTs are used for anti-fraud, loss prevention, quality assurance, and even customer loyalty and rewards.
Integrated marketing campaigns
Integrated Marketing Campaigns: Everything You Need to Know (+Examples)
Combining efficiently many channels for your ecommerce business is essential for its success. Find here everything about integrated marketing campaigns.
How to Adapt to the iOS 15 Updates Affecting Email Marketing
How to Adapt to the iOS 15 Updates Affecting Email Marketing
The new iOS 15 updates will impact email marketing as users will be able to stop open tracking. Find out what you can do to adapt to these changes now.
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