Freedom to create: New features that will generate more sales, faster
Omnisend's new updates are giving merchants the freedom to create better emails, forms and segmentations that sell.
SMS marketing for Black Friday: Tips and templates
Looking for great Black Friday SMS marketing tips and templates? Read this post to find everything you need to run a successful SMS marketing campaign.
Omnisend’s new Segmentation lets you talk to customers like never before
Our new Segmentation allows merchants to target their customers better for greater personalization and higher conversions.
Omnisend’s new Email Builder gives you the freedom to design
Our new Email Builder comes from the valuable feedback our customers gave, helping Omnisend customers create better emails that sell, faster.
Omnisend’s new Form Builder: More freedom to experiment
Meet our new Form Builder, the best tool to create high-converting signup forms and bring in even more customers.
How to create lookalike audiences on Facebook and Google Ads
Learn how to create lookalike audiences for Facebook Ads or similar audiences for Google Ads with Omnisend's segments.
5 ways to use email marketing with Google, Facebook, & Instagram ads for Black Friday
Learn the 5 key ways to combine your email marketing with Google, Facebook and Instagram ads for a successful Black Friday.
How to create five key segments to sync with Facebook or Google Ads
Learn how to use your ESP (like Omnisend) to segment your audience and create a lookalike or similar audience for Facebook or Google ads.
Birthday emails: Tips and best practices to increase sales
Ever thought about sending your customers a special custom birthday email? Find out our best tips and examples to boost your sales at Omnisend today.
The absolute best time to send your Black Friday emails
During this busy period, retailers should stay focused on the most critical days and avoid missing the best time to send Black Friday email. Learn more!
What’s new: Omnisend’s August product updates
Find out what the newest updates for August 2022 are at Omnisend, including new video and image editing, branding for forms, and more.
How to set up a Shopify popup in 5 easy steps
Find out how you can easily set up a Shopify popup in no time to build your subscriber list and start sending emails that sell.
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