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A Relevant Message Right To Customer'S Pocket

Reach your customers wherever they are

Meet your new partner to email marketing—SMS messages. It comes with a mission to make your customers’ shopping experience even better. Communicate in a format your customers are most familiar with. Meanwhile, enjoy the fact that your SMS was delivered instantly and that 95% of customers are reading it within 5 minutes.

Add another dimension to your automation arsenal

SMS messages are even better when they’re automated. Collect subscribers’ phone numbers and deliver critical and time-sensitive messages at every step of the customer journey. Send surprise offers on your customer’s birthday, abandoned cart reminders for better effectiveness, purchase-related confirmations and more. Be flexible—ship text messages separately or in combination with emails to the right customers at the right time.

Smart features you can trust

Our text messaging comes with a few extras to make your SMS marketing experience even better. Any links included in the SMS are shortened in order save characters. Shortened links are also trackable, so you’ll always know how many messages were sent and clicked. You can also add unsubscribe link which only unsubscribes the customer from SMS, not from your emails. Learn more about SMS campaigns here.

Discover how you can reach more customers on mobile with our SMS Marketing features.

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