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SMS marketing for
nimble ecommerce teams

Forget the headache (and extra costs) of running multiple tools for email & SMS. With Omnisend, you can integrate SMS right next to your emails, all on the same platform - and we'll give you free SMS credits to do so. Start within minutes.

Personalized, omnichannel messaging

Combine automated texts with email, push notifications and more channels to provide your customers with a consistent, personalized experience, all while using the same marketing platform. Our Automations Library has pre-built workflows with SMS in cart abandonment, birthday, order & shipping confirmation automations - so you can get these up and running with only a few clicks.

Hassle-free set-up, limitless use cases

At Omnisend, SMS messages are a fully-integrated channel that you can choose to seamlessly include in your automation or use for special, one-off campaigns. Think flash sales, hot-selling items or time-sensitive campaigns - you can reach your mobile audience with any of these messages right in their pocket, using a channel that boasts open rates as high as 98%.

Seamless SMS list building tools

Collect your site visitors’ phone numbers by making use of our integrated SMS list building tools. Forms like pop-ups, signup boxes, and more allow you to build your list without leaving the platform, using our TCPA-compliant templates to collect phone numbers - and emails too if you choose.

Simple pricing and free credits

Simply choose an SMS credits subscription tier that covers your monthly sending needs, starting at a minimum of $20 SMS credits/monthly.

And it’s even easier if you’re on either our Pro or Enterprise plans! Here, you can send SMS at no extra cost - you’ll get free SMS credits equal to your plan price, monthly. Your texts can be sent anywhere in the world, the price per text varies by country and you can find them all on our pricing page.

Global audience reach

SMS marketing, just like email, need not be limited to any particular country. People around the world prefer different methods of contact, but more than 5 billion people have mobile phones! Omnisend supports all country codes for SMS sending so that you can reach your international customers and drive conversions from anywhere in the world.

Full Suite for
SMS Automation & Campaigns

No more juggling different tools for multiple channels, you can do it all from Omnisend.

  • Pre-Built SMS Automation Workflows
    Save time using our pre-built automation workflows with texts for cart abandonment, birthday, order & shipping confirmation.
  • SMS Campaigns
    Easily set up a flash sale to create buzz around hot items with targeted, personalized texts that build anticipation and urgency.
  • SMS List Building Tools
    Seamlessly grow your contact base using our integrated forms in a non-intrusive, TCPA compliant manner.
  • Full TCPA Compliance
    Your contacts can always choose to unsubscribe by replying STOP or via integrated unsubscribe links.
  • 2-Way SMS Messaging
    Engage your customers and improve retention rates with 2-way SMS, available via our integration with Gorgias.
  • SMS Channel Reports
    Track the performance of your texts with channel-level filtering. Analyze how SMS is performing compared to your other channels, and make data-driven adjustments.
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