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Ecommerce Marketing Automation
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Omnisend provides the tools for growing ecommerce brands that have outperformed generic email marketing platforms and want to sell more.
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Omnisend empowers ecommerce merchants to build profitable relationships with their customers.

<span class="raudonas_tekstas">Meet</span> your customers

Meet your customers

Don’t lose another customer. Capture their emails and get to know them from their first visit to your online store.

<span class="raudonas_tekstas">Meet</span> your customers

Engage your customers

Send interesting emails that will surprise your customers. No more bland stuff. No more spammy messages.

<span class="raudonas_tekstas">Engage</span> your customers
<span class="raudonas_tekstas">Respond</span> to your customers

Respond to your customers

See what your customers want to do and help them do it. We call it attention (marketing) automation.

<span class="raudonas_tekstas">Respond</span> to your customers

Keep your customers coming back

Automate incentives for your customers to come back to your online store. Make them personal and timely.

<span class="raudonas_tekstas">Keep</span> your customers coming back

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