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Improve your targeting
with easy segmentation

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Step up from blasts-for-all and step into a whole new level of conversions.
Personalize your messages based on your contacts shopping behavior and improve your conversions using Omnisend's intuitive, ecommerce-tailored segmentation.

Target based on purchase behavior

Omnisend has been designed primarily for ecommerce businesses, therefore our segmentation allows you to filter your audience based on a variety of transactional events and purchase behaviors. Thanks to our one-click, full-integration with ecommerce platforms, you can make use of all the data that we’re automatically pulling and segment your audience based on the items they’re buying, their average order value, their purchase recency and so much more.

Utilize your audience engagement

Holding full data on your audience engagement and using that for segmentation helps you build a more thoughtful sending schedule and improves all your key metrics - from getting more opens to maintaining a healthy delivery rate. Think weekly deals for your most engaged contacts or regular win-back campaigns for lapsed customers - all available with Omnisend’s easy segmentation.

Enjoy a flexible & intuitive way to segment

Stop leaving money on the table - segmentation can increase your conversion rates by more than 60%. From audience-tailored email promotions to sending an SMS to those who haven’t opened your emails - our intuitive segmentation makes it easy to play around with different filtering options to make your engagement & sales grow.

  • Segment
    Use our Segment Suggestions as your shortcut to building your first segments, reaching more inboxes, and reactivating more contacts.
  • Segments Updated
    in Real-Time
    No need for manual or complex imports anymore - your saved segments are automatically updated in real-time.
  • Nothing Extra
    for Duplicate Contacts
    It’s very likely that the same contact might appear in multiple segments, but, unlike other ESPs, Omnisend only charges per unique subscriber - always.

Expand your reach
by syncing your segments

Sync your Omnisend segments with Facebook’s Custom Audiences or Google’s Customer Match to expand your reach. Enabling this dynamic audience sync not only helps you improve your PPC targeting, but it also enables you to tap into new, high-affinity audiences by leveraging lookalike and similar audience features by Facebook & Google. Gain more conversions and deliver a more consistent, omnichannel experience to your customers within just a few clicks.

Get hyper-precise with tags

Tags are your way to know it all. They can be used in a variety of instances where you want to add an extra layer of information about your contacts and organize it so that it can be later used for hyper-targeting. Tagging customers based on which form they’ve signed up from or which workflow they’re in - it all helps to get an organized, 360° view of your contacts and use that for precisely-targeted campaigns or automations.
Segment as you please
Drive more conversions by segmenting your audience and crafting targeted, relevant messages.