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What customers love about Omnisend

Whether it’s the omnichannel marketing, the ecommerce-friendly features, or the crazy easy-to-use platform, our customers have tons of reasons to love Omnisend.
585 reviews
The most helpful customer review on G2Crowd:
"It's all in one experience which means that you don't need to use many other tools for marketing your online store. Omnisend has not only regular newsletter campaigns, signup forms, segmentation option but also powerful automation that they keep on improving. I especially love their most recent order updates that allow you to send confirmation notifications."
"This app has many features that every store must have. You may not use all at first but as your store grows you will find a use for all."
"I love how robust and flexible it is. They do have prebuilt templates, workflows and other stuff but they also give you all the opportunities to customize the things and that makes it really powerful. I started from simple automation workflows like Welcome and Cart Abandonemnet but then we moved to more sophisticated custom scenarios."
"Automation, signup forms, reports, popups, newsletters, boosting features... And you don't need additional platforms for such features as wheel of fortune for example. Also major props - fantastic support, they are easy to reach and very helpful. They are always looking for ways to improve, listens to customer complaints and comes up with new and awesome features in short periods of time."
445 reviews
The most helpful customer review on GetApp:
"I would say it was perfect. It was a dozen times simpler than mailchimp and that's what i love abot this. own an e commerce website and handle everything single handedly so i do not have much time to spend on making emails. Omnisend is perfect- Helps me get expert quality of work done in half the time!I love the ease of workflow. I have used Mailchimp but its too complicated and doesn't have the functionality that you provide in the free version like product addition from the website. I think the website segmentation of customers for emailers is also extremely helpful. No need to create a different excel sheet everytime you want to target a particular customer segment."
Marketing Manager, Fashion Industry
"The app got so much upgrade from before and now come with SMS features, and it pack with wheel of fortune to give discount for marketing use Wish it could have more automation workflow email as below to help ease merchant on marketing workflow and can we can focus on what we do best. New Arrivals in store Site-wide recommendations Buy again More Gamify like the wheel of fortune"
Kenneth Tan
CEO, Food Production
"I love this App! It’s fairly attractive and easy to use. It’s feature-rich, comprehensive and very robust. It works well. This application is the future.I love all the features and options available and the fact that Omnisend keeps adding updates."
Steve Ford
Marketing Director, Retail
"Overall Omnisend has made our experience with keeping track of subscribers and sending mass emails so much easier. Coming into the software we were using another software but we were glad we made the switch to Omnisend. The software gives your business a much more professional look and makes doing it so easy."
Mercedes Alvarez
Entrepreneur, Apparel & Fashion
445 reviews
The most helpful customer review on Capterra:
"We've been able to increase our sales massively over the past year with omnisend it's automation and ability to send series of emails to catch customers eyes is top notch and extremely valuable. We look forward to see how much more the software can help us over the next year!"
David B.
"The segmentation available is of course a required feature, but it's also one of the most powerful things with Omnisend. Being able to send targeted messages to different cohorts of customers will really affect your conversion rate, and overall sales, as I'm sure we all know, and it's handled very well here."
Andrew S.
"Everything. From being able to design and customize emails to look professional and show your creativity. I also liked the Live View the most being able to track visits and monitor customer activity came in handy. There are so many features that make managing your marketing stress free."
Mia H.
CEO, Fit Queen
"Amazing and very useful. I love the Easy campaign building, set up like, but easier than infusion-soft."
Ryan C.
CEO, Consumer Goods
3942 reviews
The most upvoted customer comment on Shopify:
"We just started using this app to replace MailChimp. It was pretty easy for me to import everything from MailChimp with their available guidance. In just one day we have our customer lists, our email sign-up forms & landing page, abandoned cart email and a a campaign for people who never opened their last few campaigns to come back and get a discount. The automated discount code feature is simply amazing. Integrates easily with shopify. Easy to build campaigns or emails."
Oberon Design
"Switched from Mailchimp right after the MC/Shopify breakup was announced. Very positive experience overall! The Mailchimp-to-Omnisend learning curve is an easy one, and in my opinion, Omnisend's email editing toolkit is both easier to use than Mailchimp's and equipped with better looking templates out of the box. Automations are easy to set up too, and Omnisend customer support is very responsive via chat. List management leaves a lot to be desired. I miss the sort and rating abilities in Mailchimp. That said, the team has told me they're working on building out list management capabilities."
Kaftan Life
"I've used another provider for SIX years and always had little bugs and issues that were frustrating when building an EDM. My first EDM has just gone out via Omnisend and building it was SUCH a pleasure - no issues, on point templates... easy... I can't wait to see what the next few months bring!"
Little & Loved
"After doing a bunch of research and trying several services. We recently switched our newsletter service to Omnisend. I have to say, I was bummed to leave mailchimp, but I'm now kind of obsessed (haha) with omnisend. Their interface is clean and intuitive and makes it super easy to implement the basic things we needed to have in place. So far I'm loving it + 100% recommend."

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