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Designed for Shopify

Create sales-driving email marketing campaigns with amazing ease. Because of the powerful synchronization between Omnisend and your Shopify store, you can easily import your products into your newsletter in a few clicks. Maybe that’s why Omnisend is the #1-rated email marketing tool on Shopify!

Get 15 000 emails/month for free

Forget those ridiculous fees for each email sent. We give you enough emails free of charge. Make sure you use them wisely. By upgrading to Standard or Pro plan you’ll get even more emails per month as well as powerful ecommerce features.

Recover abandoned carts

When a visitor adds products to cart but doesn't complete a purchase, our cart abandonment feature automatically sends an email reminder with those products. This way you can recover up to 20% of abandoned carts.

Collect new subscribers with beautiful popups

Grow your Shopify mailing list with our Landing Pages, Signup boxes and Popups. Did you know that the highest converting popup is exit-intent? And the best part is—you don’t need to code anything in Shopify! Use it right out the box.

Welcome new subscribers with special offers

Once a visitor subscribes to your Shopify email list, Omnisend will automatically send them a welcome email (or a sequence of 3 emails, if you wish). There’s no need to hesitate—start converting visitors into customers right away.

Create newsletters
10 times faster

With Product Picker, you can just click-and-import your products directly into your newsletter, saving you loads of time. Our newsletter builder is also impressively easy, allowing you to send emails in minutes, not hours.

Send interactive emails

Double your click rate by adding a lottery ticket (Scratch Card) to the email. Announce your lottery with a limited number of winners and let your subscribers scratch for the prize. Hooray for fun and engaging email marketing!

Boost sales with order confirmation emails

Did you know that the results from order confirmations are simply amazing? Omnisend customers are seeing 54% more open rates, 85% more click rates, and 3.8 times more sales from their order confirmation emails. Find more ways to increase your sales with confirmation emails.

Automatically recommend products

Our new Product Recommender lets you automatically add in your top sellers or newest products in your newsletters and campaigns. When you combine it with our fully automated Discount Coupon Code (with absolutely no coupon or backend work required!) you’ll see some fantastic increases in sales.

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