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Visitors to buyers,
just like that

Use Omnisend’s customizable signup forms to easily build your email & SMS lists, cultivate customer relationships, and watch your sales grow. From popups to landing pages & multi-step forms, get everything you need to grow big while spending small.


higher CTR with custom automation workflows


on average for every
subscribed contact


ROI for every single $1 spent on Omnisend

Choose your own way to grow your list

Whether you’re collecting signups from new store visitors, looking for ways to gamify the email capturing, or need to run a special campaign with a dedicated landing page - you can do it all with Omnisend’s variety of built-in forms.

Multi-step forms
Multi-step forms

Simplify the subscription process with multi-step forms. Make it easy and comfortable for your visitors.

Learn more

Right out of the box, Omnisend’s pop ups come with beautiful images, high-converting text and great styles.

Learn more
Landing pages
Landing pages

Collect subscribers with branded landing pages that you can customize with ease.

Learn more

Engage visitors with a sneak peek of your popups and entice them to click with teasing text.

Learn more
Wheel of fortune
Wheel of fortune

Entertain and reward your visitors with exciting prizes in exchange for their email addresses.

Learn more

A builder designed for stellar first impressions

A well-crafted signup form is your first step toward boosting your sales. Omnisend's form builder makes it easy to create forms that invite visitors to get to know your brand, helping you open the door to personalized marketing and, ultimately, better sales.

Learn more about form builder
A builder designed for stellar first impressions
With just one hour invested (and zero financial input) into Omnisend’s email capture features, our newsletter signups jumped by 150% in four weeks.

List-building, made simple

It's all about turning every interaction into an opportunity. And with Omnisend, it's simpler than ever. Whether it's through gamification, perfectly timed appearances, customizable designs, or clever exit-intent strategies, we've got you covered:

No frustration, just subscriptions
No frustration, just subscriptions

Say goodbye to annoying pop-ups with signup forms designed to engage visitors without disrupting their user experience.

Gamify to engage
Gamify to

Turn the process of signing up into a fun activity with gamified forms. Who said list-building can't be entertaining?

Stunningly beautiful, on any screen
Stunningly beautiful, on any screen

Connect with your audience no matter what screen they're using with customizable forms that look and function beautifully on mobile devices.

Turn goodbyes into opportunities
Turn goodbyes into opportunities

Catch your visitors before they leave with exit-intent popups, and turn their exit into an opportunity to subscribe or make a purchase.

Perfectly timed, every time
Perfectly timed, every time

Decide when your forms appear, ensuring they show up at the most opportune times to maximize engagement.

Harness the power of social
Harness the power of social

Our forms make it easy to collect emails directly from your social platforms, letting you leverage your social media following and convert your fans into subscribers

Popups that really sell
Popups that
really sell

Make sales right at the point of interaction with targeted upsell and cross-sell popups.


Don't have time to create?
We got you covered

Why spend hours on making forms from scratch? Omnisend's pre-made templates let you launch powerful signup forms in no time. Simply pick one from our library and make it your own: Choose from a variety of designs, customize to your heart's content, and get ready to welcome a wave of new subscribers.


Track & learn what’s working well

Open, click rates & email revenue are key to measure your email marketing performance, but what about signup rates? A decreasing signup rate might indicate a need to update the creative or adjust the offer, so it’s crucial to keep track of your forms’ performance. Dig into the device splits, compare different forms’ signup rates, see what’s bringing you the most contacts and always be on-top of all of your performance metrics.

Track & learn what’s working well

Get everything send-ready
from the get-go

TCPA & GDPR compliant

Collect detailed consent information with our TCPA & GDPR compliant forms.


Our forms look great on any device and are Google Mobile-Friendly to provide the best experience to your mobile visitors.

Ready-made themes

Pick one of our pre-built themes, fill it with your imagery and start capturing contacts instantly.


From building lists to boosting sales

From ‘hello’ to ‘thank you for your order’, Omnisend gives you the tools you need at every step of the customer journey.

Capture with ease

Use signup forms and popups to build your email & SMS lists smoothly and efficiently.

Segment for precision

Segment your audience based on their unique behaviors and preferences, paving the way for more personalized and effective marketing.

Automate for success

Set up email automations to send personalized messages to each segment, leading to higher customer engagement and increased sales.

We’ll help you get started

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5 min read
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Feb 09, 2023
Feb 09, 2023
Email, SMS, and push marketing for ecommerce in 2023
3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List
12 killer strategies to build an email list quickly and easily


Switching from the classic Email Builder you've grown to know and love can seem a bit scary. Don't worry, we've got you covered. These FAQs explain what will happen over the next few months as you move to the new Email Builder.

How do Omnisend's signup forms help me grow my list?

Our forms are designed to turn visitors into subscribers, fast. By using custom designs, gamification, perfectly timed appearances, and clever exit-intent strategies, you can not only grow your email list quickly but also directly upsell and cross-sell right at the point of interaction.

Can I use Omnisend's forms to collect emails from my social media followers?

Yes! Omnisend's forms let you easily collect emails directly from your social platforms, helping you leverage your social media following and convert your fans into subscribers.

Will I have to brand my forms manually?

Absolutely not! Omnisend's Brand Assets feature lets you automatically apply your brand colors and fonts to form templates, so you don’t have to try and manually match them with your brand design. This allows you to create your first signup form 23% faster and makes it easier to create brand consistency while saving your valuable time.

Will my current email list be affected if I move to Omnisend from another provider?

Not at all! We’re constantly working hard to make migrating to Omnisend as quick and painless as possible, often having you up and running in as little as 30 minutes. We have specifically designed data import tools for Klaviyo and Mailchimp customers that allow for automatic syncing of your contacts data, including contact properties, tags, segments and engagement stats - no manual exports & imports required. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our award-winning 24/7 live support team, available around the clock, to provide assistance and answer any queries you might have.

Measure your sales potential

Get a snapshot of your potential growth by calculating how Omnisend's powerful signup forms could impact your revenue your revenue. See how many new subscribers you could attract in three months, and how that translates into sales.

Visitors per month

Enter the average number of monthly visitors to your website

This calculator shows the estimated number of email subscribers you can collect and the potential revenue you can generate from using Omnisend signup forms. It is based on industry average signup form conversion rate of 3.8% and the average revenue per subscriber of $6.86 for Omnisend customers.

New subscribers collected

Potential revenue $391.02