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Choose your own way to grow your list

Whether you’re collecting signups from new store visitors, looking for ways to gamify the email capturing, or need to run a special campaign with a dedicated landing page - you can do it all with Omnisend’s variety of built-in forms.

Capture abandoning visitors

Exit popups decrease the bounce rate, reduce checkout abandonment and of course, they're a sure way to boost your signups. If you want to get more granular with the pop-up timing, you can also choose a specific number of pages to view before the pop-up appears or even limit it's targeting to specific pages of your store (e.g. just the checkout).

Build up your SMS subscribers

Pop-ups for collecting your contacts’ phone numbers are the most straightforward way to start growing your SMS lists. You can create phone number-only forms or capture both phone numbers and email addresses - the choice is yours. The best part? Other ESPs require you to store the emails of every subscriber, but with Omnisend it's enough to have a contact's phone number to start running marketing activities to this specific person. So, whether it’s just SMS, email, or omnichannel marketing you’re looking to do, you're free to choose.

Track & learn what’s working well

Open, click rates & email revenue are key to measure your email marketing performance, but what about signup rates? A decreasing signup rate might indicate a need to update the creative or adjust the offer, so it’s crucial to keep track of your forms’ performance. Dig into the device or location splits, compare different forms’ signup rates, see what’s bringing you the most contacts and always be on-top of all of your performance metrics.

  • TCPA & GDPR Compliant
    Collect detailed consent information with our TCPA & GDPR compliant forms.
  • Mobile-Optimized
    Our forms look great on any device and are Google Mobile-Friendly to provide the best experience to your mobile visitors.
  • Ready-Made Themes
    Pick one of our pre-built themes, fill it with your imagery and start capturing contacts instantly.
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Capture more contacts using Omnisend's signup forms and start engaging with them instantly using our automated workflows.