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Instantly retarget your store visitors

Discover the full power of omnichannel marketing by adding push notifications into your automated workflows. Choose to combine them with email only, or use them as a fallback for automated SMS and increase your reach while keeping the message consistent.

Instantly retarget your store visitors
Push for cart abandonment

Recover more carts by instantly reminding your store visitors about abandoned items - directly in their browser.

Push for browse abandonment

Retarget your online store ‘window-shoppers’ with highly-visible automated messages based on the pages that they’ve visited.

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Deliver an exceptional customer experience with automated web push notifications informing about order & shipping statuses.

“It’s harder and harder to reach the customer, so a combination of push notifications and text messages, works so much better. We’ve been testing it against email only, and email plus text and push gives us a much higher turnaround.”

Marcin Bielen

President of INGLOT Cosmetics Canada


Drive sales with promotional urgency'

Boost sales for your flash deals and special offers by using this instantaneous channel. To make sure you’re delivering value to your customers, use our segmentation to target push notification campaigns to the customers that they’re most relevant to.

Drive sales with promotional urgency'

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Easy setup

Simply enable push notifications in your store settings and you’ll start collecting your push subscribers.


Audience targeting

Reach higher conversions by targeting specific customer segments and tailoring your push messages.


Sales tracking

Track sales driven by push notifications, compare it with other channels and constantly learn what’s working best.

Rising conversion-driver for ecommerce

Wondering if push would work for your store? Wonder no more - we’ve got the numbers. Even with the sheer amount of push notifications being sent skyrocketing over the last year, this channel just keeps on giving: push conversion rates average at a jaw-dropping 30%.

Rising conversion-driver for ecommerce