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7 Email Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Greg said it best, there are only 3 facts of life - death, taxes and email marketing mistakes...

About the video

Good news that mistakes happen to the best of us. There are a lot of common email marketing mistakes though so we’re going to go through all of them in this video and help you make… well… less mistakes!

Sounds good? Awesome.

Snippet of what questions you will find in this video:

1. Writing unclickable subject lines

2. Neglecting segmentation

3. Getting the timing wrong

4. Using too many unclear CTAs

5. Alienating your mobile users

6. Sending unprofessional marketing emails

7. Not tracking email metrics

Video details:

  • Email marketing, subject line, CTA, metrics, segmentation, expert tips
  • 10:52 min

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