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Email ROI calculator

Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your previous or next email marketing campaign to see how valuable email can be. Use our calculator to set your goals, increase your ROI, and plan your future marketing campaigns.

Preferred Currency

Choose the currency you’d like to use to calculate your email marketing ROI.

Email Send Volume

Enter the total number of contacts that you’re sending the campaign to.

Cost of Email Marketing Campaign

Enter the cost for sending this single campaign. (Divide your monthly cost by the total campaigns sent per month.)

Total sales

Enter the total value of your sales for this campaign.

  • Cost per Subscriber -
  • Total Revenue -
  • Total Profit -
  • Revenue per Email -


Sales to Break Even -

How to use the email marketing ROI calculator

Omnisend’s Email Marketing ROI Calculator was created to help ecommerce businesses understand just how much they can make from each campaign they send. This could be used for planning purposes for upcoming campaigns, or to see how a past campaign actually performed.

This can help you determine what you can spend on your favorite ecommerce marketing automation tool. It will also help you understand what sales you need to get, and how much to spend on your email marketing, in order to have a great ROI on a consistent basis.

What to enter

Preferred Currency

Here you’ll need to choose in which currency you’d like to calculate your email marketing ROI. Choose from the most popular currencies.

Email Send Volume

Enter the number of subscribers or customers in your email list that you’ll be sending your campaign to. You can set different send volumes for different campaigns, and also see which volume will give you the greatest returns. If you subtract bounced emails (removing 1% usually works), you’ll have a more precise ROI.

Cost of Email Marketing Campaign

Here, you’ll need to understand how much you’re paying on a campaign-by-campaign basis. We recommend you do this by calculating on a monthly basis. For example, if you pay $100 per month for your email marketing platform, and you send 10 campaigns per month, then each campaign would cost $10.

Total sales

In this field, enter the total value of all your sales from this particular campaign. If you use Omnisend, you will easily see this number when you review the results of your campaign, plus you can explore your sales performance in more depth with our various reports.

Understanding your results

Cost per Subscriber

This result shows you how much you’re spending on each subscriber in your contact list for the campaign you’re sending. This is calculated by taking the total cost of the campaign divided by the total number of subscribers for this campaign.

Total Revenue

This is the total sales that came directly from the email campaign. This is calculated by multiplying the Number of Conversions by the Average Conversion Value.

Total Profit

This is an estimate based on subtracting the Cost of Email Marketing Campaign from the Total Revenue. For example, if your Total Revenue for this campaign is $800 and you spent $10 on this campaign, your Total Profit would be $790.

Revenue per Email

This results shows you how much you earned on each email that you sent. This is calculated by taking the Total Sales and dividing that by the Email Send Volume (or how many emails you sent out for this campaign).


This is the number you’re after—the percentage of returns you’ve received for this email campaign. If you get an ROI of 10,000%, that means you received $100 for every $1 you spent on this campaign.

Sales to Break Even

This shows you the sales you need to have in order to have a zero profit. For example, if it costs you $10 in total to send this campaign, you’ll need $10 in sales in order to break even—zero profit and zero loss.