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Target Customers with Relevant Information Using Automated Email Follow Ups

Understand your customers better

After your customers have bought from you, you want to make sure you’re actively building up your relationship. After all, a great, long-lasting business is built on great customer relationships. Find out how much your customers are enjoying your products by setting up your order follow-up messages to automatically send a few days or weeks after they’ve made their purchase. With these emails, you can get real feedback to understand your customers much better. That way, you can offer them better products and provide much greater value.

Get great reviews

Getting product reviews can be hard. Customers are busy, and sometimes after they’ve made their purchase, you may not hear from them again. But it doesn’t have to be so hard. If you set up your order follow-up emails to go out while your customers are enjoying your products, you can ask them for a review in exchange for a great offer or referral incentives. That way, not only do you get a review you can use for your store, but you also give your customers a reason to buy from you again.

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