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Create Welcome Campaigns Easily

Greet your subscribers, person to person

After your visitors sign up for your newsletters, make them feel welcome by saying hi to them. After all, this is the first step in your customer’s journey. But you don’t have to greet them with one of those canned messages. Make it personal by customizing your welcome email any way you want to.

Make it special

If you really want to give your subscribers something to talk about, customize your welcome emails any way you like and give them a special offer. Make it impossible for them to pass up on your products and start your relationship on the right foot. A great welcome email makes the perfect impression the first time.

The right message to the right person

Although your welcome emails will be going on autopilot, that doesn’t mean that you need to send just one email to all your subscribers. Instead, give your subscribers the message they need by segmenting your list based on how they signed up. If your subscribers signed up from a special landing page, send them a special message. If they signed up to get a special discount, give them what they need. If you can meet their needs from the very first email, you’ll have a customer for life.

Discover just how easy it can be to set up your automated welcome messages that help convert your new subscribers.

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