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Recommend Targeted Products to Earn More Revenue

Automatically add recommended products

With Omnisend’s brand new Product Recommender content block, you can have our platform automatically insert your top-selling products or new products into your newsletter campaigns. That way, you can make sure that your subscribers are getting to see what your most popular or newest items are so that they can stay up-to-date with your brand.

Combine Product Recommender for better results

With our content editor, you can combine the capabilities of the Product Recommender with other elements to increase your results. You can use the interactive and engagement-boosting Gift Box or Scratch Card or Discount Coupon with your top-selling products to guide your subscribers on where to use their discounts and other offers. That way, you can improve the effectiveness of each element and get better results for your campaigns.

Increase first-time and repeat purchases

When you add new or top-selling product recommendations to your campaigns, you are giving your subscribers a great chance to buy your products for the first time. Or you’ll be convincing your customers to make a repeat purchase by showing off your best or newest collection. Even better, you can see which recommended products perform the best and insert that into your promotional or regular newsletters.

Discover how you can boost your sales with automatically recommended products.

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