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Get Full Performance Statistics from Campaigns

Keep track of your performance in real time

Right after you send your email campaigns, you will start getting information about how many people have engaged with your emails. You can get valuable information in real time to help you keep on improving your campaigns and deliver even more value to your subscribers. You can track how your subscribers are growing, how the open and click rates are increasing, how your sales are doing from one report.

Use Clickmap to build better emails

With Omnisend’s Clickmap, you can even find out where your subscribers clicked the most in your emails. This information is crucial, seeing as you’ll be able to find out what worked, what didn’t, and what you can change to make sure you improve. With this information, you’ll be able to build better emails by including the products and content your subscribers need and thereby optimizing your conversions.

Track your first 24 hours

The first few hours of any campaign are the most important, seeing as most of the activity will come in that time. You can see hourly reports for the first 24 hours in your Campaigns report. This chart shows you the number of opens and clicks so you can understand within an hour or two how well your campaigns are doing.

Find the important information quickly

Our Campaigns reports clearly show you how many people have opened your emails, how many have clicked, and most importantly how much sales your campaign has generated. This can help you evaluate how effective your campaigns are and adjust it to get much better numbers. You can also see the bounces and unsubscribes, as well as which devices were used to open and click on your emails. By watching how these trends change over time, you can learn what your subscribers really want.

Discover how you can use your Campaign Reports to understand your subscribers better and drive your sales.

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