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Keep your email list healthy

Clean your email addresses regularly with Omnisend’s List Cleaning tool and have a better chance of landing in your subscribers' inboxes.

Start cleaning

We'll help you get rid of bad contacts

A profitable email list is a clean email list. That’s why we’re helping you get as clean as a whistle by removing the following poor contacts:

Bad email addresses
Bad email addresses

These are invalid email addresses that usually bounce. That makes them not only ineffective, but they also use up a part of your email marketing budget (meaning a lower ROI)

Spam traps
Spam traps

These email addresses don't belong to real people. Instead, they’re used by ISPs to catch spammers. If you’re sending to these traps, you could be hurting your email sender reputation


Something as simple as a typo can make your list dirty. We’ll help you identify and remove typos, helping you lower bounced and undelivered emails

Disposable emails
Disposable emails

These single-use emails aren’t meant to work after a few hours or days. Many self-destruct and bounce, which hurts your reputation and deliverability

A clean list
leads to

  • Better deliverability More of your emails get to your subscribers’ inboxes, which means a higher chance of sales
  • Reduced costs You'll pay less for your email marketing after dead and low-quality contacts are removed
  • Lower bounce rates Our customers are seeing significant drops in bounce rates of nearly 11%
  • Better open rates You get a clearer picture of how good your emails are, and can better test subject lines, emails, promotions and more
A clean list leads to

How our List Cleaning works

When you use Omnisend, you’ll see how easy it is to get started with List Cleaning

We estimate poor or risky contacts

When you look at all of your contacts, you’ll see a notification inside our platform recommending how many of your contacts need to be cleaned or reviewed

You see how much it will cost to clean your list

Before you begin cleaning your contacts, we’ll show you how much the List Cleaning will cost. It’s currently priced at $0.20 for every 100 contacts.

We run hundreds of checks against your list

Our integration partner will help us identify all the poor-quality contacts you have, including bad email addresses, spam traps, typos, and disposable emails

You get a detailed breakdown of the emails we checked

It takes just a few minutes to analyze your contacts, and we'll label your contacts as Poor quality, Disposable or unknown, or Good quality. You can keep or delete the ones you want.

Omnisend is
free. Forever.

More than just a List Cleaning service, Omnisend is an end-to-end platform for all your ecommerce email flows, SMS marketing, and marketing automations.

Unlike other email and SMS providers, Omnisend is 100% free to begin using its features. You get full access to everything as soon as you sign up, and you only pay for extra features, like our List Cleaning, when you need them.

Omnisend seamlessly pulls your data from Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and other ecommerce platforms.


The number of team members currently working to make Omnisend the #1 marketing automation platform


Online stores using Omnisend to boost their marketing and build long-lasting customer relationships


Countries using Omnisend’s platform around the clock, from the US to Morocco, to South Africa and more